Averback, Robert

Football Coach Staff, 1973

The Dickinson College Football Coaching Staff of 1973 poses for a picture.

Front row: Harold Price (Offensive Back), Robert Averback (Defensive Back), Leon Fitts (Defensive Line)

Back row: Wilbur J. Gobrecht (Head Coach), Thomas Yost (Defensive Back), Frank...

Football Team, 1963

Members of the 1963 football team pose for a picture.  This team saw their last game of the season against Drexel cancelled due to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

First row: William R. Mervine, Peter B. Zuyus, Henry H. Spire, Bruce W. Stair, William M. Smith (...

Football Team, 1964

The 1964 football team poses for a picture.

First row: David J. Sterner, John W. Ritchie (Jr.), John A. Bierly, Wayne F. Rickert, Joel I. Rome, Harold J. "Harry" Harris, Lawrence E. Synder (Captain), John F. Rhody (Jr.),  Dean J. Kilpatrick, Peter G. Stanley, Ernest E. Jones, J....

Football Team, 1965

The 1965 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Robert S. Averback, John M. Tassie (Jr.), J. Dallas Winslow, John W. Ritchie (Jr.), John F. Rhody (Jr.) (Co-Captain), Joel I. Rome (Co-Captain), John A. Bierly, Ernest E. Jones, Dean J. Kilpatrick, W.J. Gobrecht (Head Coach...

Football Team, 1973

The 1973 football team.

First row: Mark Holencik, Gerald Urich, John Colburn, Peter Moyes, Jeffrey Truskey, Eugene Sienkiewicz, William Stabert, Gary Williams, James Newcomer, Christopher Fleming

Second row: William Thomas,...

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