Cook, Roger

Carrying the Ball, 1968

Roger Cook, #37, carries the ball during a 1968 football game.  Also in this live-action shot are Gregory Van Doren, #71; Jeffrey Snook, #51; and Lon Haines, #26.

Football Team, 1965

The 1965 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Robert S. Averback, John M. Tassie (Jr.), J. Dallas Winslow, John W. Ritchie (Jr.), John F. Rhody (Jr.) (Co-Captain), Joel I. Rome (Co-Captain), John A. Bierly, Ernest E. Jones, Dean J. Kilpatrick, W.J. Gobrecht (Head Coach...

Football Team, 1966

The football team of 1966 poses for a picture.

First row: W.J. Gobrecht (Head Coach), Timothy M. Comstock, Charles W. Ehrlich, James R. Morrisey, G. Richard Katzenbach, Richard Lipinski, R. Thomas Phillips (Co-Captain), Dennis L. Wachter (Co-Captain), James L. Broughal, Joseph P...

Football Team, 1967

Members of the 1967 football team pose for a picture.

First row: Roger M. Cook, Jeffrey L. Snook, William L. Traficanti, Andrew M. Bogdanoff, Earl L. Schorpp, Richard P. Mohlere (Jr.) (Co-Captain), Stephen J. Overcash (Co-Captain), Ronald E. Vican, Robert B. Jefferson, C. Ryan...

Football Team, 1968

The football team of 1968 poses for this team picture.

First row: Jay C. Wagenseller, Robert S. Long, F. Philip Baughman, Mark D. Birdsall, Jeffrey L. Snook (Co-Captain), Roger M. Cook (Co-Captain), Gregory B. Abeln, Scott R. Sanders, Charles H. Gifford, W. Michael Babb, Gregory...

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