Spire, Henry Hale

Football Team, 1961

The 1961 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Christopher S. "Kip" Howell, Harry B. Packard, J. David Morrissey, Durbin L. Wagner (Co-Captain), Maurice B. "Barney" Field, Robert S. Harlowe, Joseph F. Lipinski (Jr.), John C. Thomas, Millard R. "Sonny" Shoff


Football Team, 1963

Members of the 1963 football team pose for a picture.  This team saw their last game of the season against Drexel cancelled due to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

First row: William R. Mervine, Peter B. Zuyus, Henry H. Spire, Bruce W. Stair, William M. Smith (...

Wrestlingt Team, 1961

The Wrestling team in 1961.

Front row, left to right: Coach Glenn Flegal, J. Grant, Joseph Icenhower ('62), William Carey Marcucci ('61), and Alan Sackman ('61)

Middle row: Buckley (manager), David John Drum ('64), Benjamin Cero ('63), John Le Roy, and S. Burd...

Wrestling Team, 1962

The Wrestling team takes a photograph in 1962.

Front row, left to right: Coach Glenn Flegal, Tom Hallam, J. Hallam, Jim Gauntt, and Joseph Icenhower ('62)

Second row: L. Buckley, Paul Crawshaw, David "Dave" Waight, Benjamin Albert Cero ('63), and John Le Roy

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