Aerobics class, 1983

Students participate in the Slimnastics class that was offered in the Kline during the 1982-1983 academic year.

Chris Anderson, 1984

Spanish professor Chris Anderson lectures about a painting in February 1984.

Chris Anderson, c.1990

Professor Chris Anderson of the Spanish Department lectures to his students on the steps of Bosler Hall, around 1990.

Anthropology Class

Professor Henry Wade Seaford leads an anthropology class in a discussion around 1980.

Anthropology Class

Professor Ann Hill meets with her anthropology class in a coffeeshop in 1996.

Art class

Professor Pusey gives advice to members of his art class in spring 1958.

Astronomy Class, 1990

Professor Robert Boyle teaches his astronomy class in the Charles M. Kanev Planetarium in May 1990.

Astronomy Class in the Planetarium, c.1990

Professor Robert J. Boyle shows his astronomy class how the planetarium machinery works.

Kathleen W. Barber, c.1980

Kathleen Barber, tennis coach and Professor of Physical Education, with students in the gym around 1980.

Lee Wilmer Baric, c.1980

View as Math Professor Lee Wilmer Baric (Class of 1956) points at the blackboard during a class.

Nancy H. Baxter, 1992

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Sciences Nancy Baxter helps students in a workshop math class on September 8, 1992.

Catherine Beaudry, 1994

View as French Professor Catherine Beaudry teaches as class in 1994.

Daniel R. Bechtel, c.1975

Daniel Bechtel, Professor of Religion, leaning against the flag pole, holds class in the academic quad, circa 1975.

Paul J. Biebel, 1981

Biology professor Paul Biebel explains a concept to students while Philip Conrad '85, standing behind, looks on.

Biochemistry Lab

Two students consult over an experiment in a biochemistry lab in May 1995.

Biology Class, c.1955

Professor Milton Eddy lectures to his biology class around 1955.

Biology Lab

Biology students perform a dissection around 1880.

Biology Lab

Biology students perform a lab exercise around 1940.

Biology Lab, c.1955

Professor Milton Eddy's (standing, center back) biology class performs a microscopy lab around 1955.

Biology lab

A student performs an experiment on a mouse in a biology lab around 1975.

Biology lab, 1982

Biology students perform an experiment on each other's nerve impulses in 1982.

Biology lab, 1984

Students perform a microscopy lab during a biology class in fall 1984. 

Front left: Joe Bergman '88.

Biology lab, 1990

A professor and two students discuss specimens in a biology lab in October 1990.

Marianna Bogojavlensky, c.1980

German and Russian professor Marianna Bogojavlensky teaches with a smile.

Roscoe O. Bonisteel Observatory, c.1965

Professor Henry Yeagley with students at the Bonisteel Observatory on the roof of Althouse Hall around 1965.


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