Mathematics class, c.1960

View of a math class around 1960.

Priestley Award recipient Margaret Mead in class, 1971

Margaret Mead, 1971 Priestley Award recipient, speaks to a class during her visit to Dickinson College in March 1971.

Microscopy lab, 1985

A professor stands next to several students who are using microscopes during a biology lab in 1985.

Military science class, c.1955

Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) students learn the basics of army organization and techniques during a military science class around 1955.

Monitoring water quality, 1994

Students in the Analysis and Management of the Aquatic Environment class analyze water samples for contaminants on November 30, 1994.

Mary E. Moser, 1994

Mary Moser, Professor of Classical Studies and member of the class of 1972, teaching on October 24, 1994.

Wolfgang Muller, 1984

Wolfgang Muller, Professor of German, teaching in October 1984.

Susan F. Nichols, 1981

Susan Nichols, Professor of Fine Arts and Associate Dean of the College giving guidance during an art class in 1981.

Sharon J. O'Brien, 1984

Sharon O'Brien, Professor of English, teaching during a class in November 1984.

John M. Osborne, 1984

View as History professor John Osborne teaches a class in 1984.

Painting class, c.1985

Students participate in a painting class while a professor oversees their work around 1985.

Priestley Award recipient Arno Penzias in a class, 1989

Dr. Arno Penzias, the Priestley Award recipient, lectures to a class at Dickinson in September 1989.

John C. Pflaum, c.1970

History professor John Pflaum teaching around 1970.

pH laboratory exercise, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers (second from right) helps a student use a machine in a chemistry lab for determining pH around 1950.  Rogers is a member of the Class of 1924.

Far left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr.  (Class of 1956)

Second from left: Barbara S. Allen (Class of 1956...

Physical education class for women, 1888

Female students lift weights in the first physical training class for women at Dickinson in 1888.

Physics lab, c.1950

Students participate in a physics lab session in Tome around 1950.

Physics lab

Howard C. Long, Jr., '71, (left) and another student participate in a physics laboratory exercise circa 1970.

Physics laboratory equipment, c.1970

Donald M. Thomas, '70, (turning knobs) and Howard C. Long, Jr., '71, use specialized equipment during a physics lab session.

Poetry recitation at baseball game, 1996

Professor Mark C. Aldrich's first-year seminar "Poetry Matters" recites poetry at a Harrisburg Senators game on September 3, 1996.

In order from microphone: Michelle [last name unknown], Dara Gage, Jason Myers, Sam Milles, Steve Beyes, Emily Hamilton, Rebecca Sullivan, Kristen [...

Policy studies class, 1995

Students study the diplomatic issues surrounding Algeria in spring 1995.

Political science class

Professor Milton Flower's political science class poses with Pennsylvania Governor David Lawrence behind his desk in 1960.

Preparing an exhibit, 1998

Students in the Art Historic Methods class prepare an exhibit in the Trout Gallery in 1998.

Cheri Quinn, c.1995

Education professor Cheri Quinn, center, with students Jon Farley and Lori Wolf, Class of 1997.

Rat dissection

Students use a syringe during a rat dissection for a biology lab in fall 1984.

Religion class

Professor J. Wesley Robb teaches a religion class circa 1950.


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