Biology fieldwork, 1991

Robin Turin '93 (right), under the guidance of Professor Janet Wright, uses a syringe on a woodchuck in April 1991.

Class in Baltimore, 1996

An American Studies class listens to its professor on a field trip in Baltimore.

Collecting organisms, 1995

Biology students collect samples outside the Dana greenhouse in March 1995.

Dairy farm field trip, 1992

An environmental studies class tours a mechanized dairy farm in 1992.

History class digs a trench, 1977

Professor Dennis Klinge' s history class on World War I digs a trench in 1977.

Environmental science field trip, 1990

An environmental science class collects stream samples while on a field trip on April 27, 1990.

Environmental studies class, 1975

An environmental studies class observes bankside pollution on a field trip in 1975.

Geology fieldwork, 1990

Amanda Davis (left) and Jon Berry (right) measure elevation on campus as part of a geology lab on September 12, 1990.

Professor Noel Potter with student, c.1980

Professor Noel Potter, Jr. (left) examines a rock with student while on a geology field trip to a quarry around 1980.

Noel Potter, Jr., c.1990

Geology professor Noel Potter, in hat, examines an outcrop with Steve Lev (Class of 1992), standing behind, and Laura Pezzoli (student visiting from Bologna, Italy).

Preparing an exhibit, 1998

Students in the Art Historic Methods class prepare an exhibit in the Trout Gallery in 1998.

Science fieldwork, c.1970

A professor shows a group of students a small organism during a field trip circa 1970.

Students collecting river samples, 1971

Students Dorsey Green (holding net) and Karen Pflug-felder catch wildlife in the LeTort Creek near Post Pond in summer 1971.

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