Dennis P. Akin, 1982

Professor of Fine Arts Dennis P. Akin poses for a photograph in a painting studio in 1982.

Dennis P. Akin, 1984

Professor of Fine Arts Dennis Akin gives a student guidance during a painting class in the spring of 1984.

Art class

Professor Pusey gives advice to members of his art class in spring 1958.

Ceramics class, c.1980

Members of a ceramics class shape and fire pottery around 1980.

I. Michael Danoff, 1971

Fine Arts professor Michael Danoff hanging a painting in 1971.

Barbara A. Diduk, 1983

Fine Arts professor Barbara Diduk assists a student in a ceramics class in 1983.

Barbara A. Diduk, 1993

Barbara Diduk, Professor of Fine Arts, on right, with a student at an Art Open House on September 7, 1993.

Drawing, c.1960

Professor Pusey critiques as one of his students sketches a model around 1960.

Drawing Class

Students practice drawing a skeleton in Professor Davenny's class in the Weiss Center for the Arts on February 9, 1994.

Drawing class, 1994

Students practice drawing a cranium and torso in Professor Davenny's drawing class in the Weiss Center for the Arts on February 9, 1994.

Lawrence House photo studio, c.1975

View of a photo studio in the Lawrence House around 1975.

Lawrence House photo studio, c.1975

View of the photo studio inside Lawrence House around 1975.

Susan F. Nichols, 1981

Susan Nichols, Professor of Fine Arts and Associate Dean of the College giving guidance during an art class in 1981.

Painting advice, 1996

Painting instructor Sara Frankel advises student Carrie Bergman on her painting in October 1996.

Painting class, c.1985

Students participate in a painting class while a professor oversees their work around 1985.

Painting instruction

Painting instructor Sara Frankel critiques student Todd Arsenault's work in October 1996.

Pottery, c.1982

View as pottery sits in the sun.

Preparing an exhibit, 1998

Students in the Art Historic Methods class prepare an exhibit in the Trout Gallery in 1998.

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