Academic Open House, 1991

A student holds a notebook as she talks to a professor at the Academic Open House on Sunday September 1, 1991 in the Social Hall of the Holland Union Building (HUB).

African American Society & Latin American Club table, 1990

Members of the African American Society and the Latin American Club fundraise at a table set up on Morgan Field in late April 1990.  The organizations are selling jewelry from Bolivia, Kenya, and the Ivory Coast, as well as t-shirts.

Frank Ayres, c.1955

Math Professor Frank Ayres with an international student around 1955.

Manley E. Banks, 1990

Political Science professor Manley Banks on August 28, 1990.

Baseball Team, 1985

The 1985 baseball team poses for a group picture.

Ashfaq Bengali, 1995

Professor of Chemistry Ashfaq Bengali in 1995.

Beta Theta Pi brothers with a trophy, c.1980

A member of Beta Theta Pi holds a trophy around 1980.

Left to Right: Andrew Hunn ; Natt Lee ('83) ; Brian F. Sahd ('83) is holding the trophy ; Duncan Scott Jamieson ('83) is wearing a baseball cap

Center, behind trophy: Rick Baltz ('82)

Ceremony on steps of Old West, c.1983

An honors ceremony takes place on the front steps of Old West. A member of Wheel and Chain is speaking at the podium.

Roseann Belza Cooper ('83) is in the grey suit on the steps.

David Chung at Commencement, 1990

David Chung (left) and another student receive their hoods at Commencement in the Kline Center on May 20, 1990.

Closeup, c.1989

Conrad "Chad" Lower and Amelia "Amy" Murillo pose in a silly fashion.

Commencement, 2000

View of Dr. Hesung Chun Koh ('51) and honorary degree recipient Harold Hongju Koh at Commencement on May 14, 2000.

Dr. Hesung Chun Koh is a member of the Board of Advisors and President & Director of East Rock Institute. Harold Hongju Koh, the Assistant Secretary of State for...

Computer science lab, 1991

Students participate in a computer science lab exercise on November 5, 1991.

Foreground: Andrea Chen, '94

Congress of African Students, 1984

Members of the Congress of African Students pose for a group photograph in 1984.

Standing: Dolly Rice, Roderic Flowers, Shawn Matlock, Sonya Church, Joy Jackson, Kenneth Peterson, Albert Moore, and Diane Jefferson.

Seated: Elaine Watson and Gregory Wright.

Conway Hall dorm room, c.1960

A dorm room in Conway Hall around 1960. Fred Morsell is the student sitting on the table.

Dance class, 1995

A class learns an African-style dance in 1995.

Dickinsonians at Homecoming football game, 2000

Kim Gordon '00, Denise Robinson '02 and Genia Hill '02 sit in the stands at Biddle field for the Homecoming football game in fall 2000.

Dorm room Adams Hall, 1980

A student works on homework at her desk in Adams Hall in February 1980.

Dorm room in Witwer Hall, c.1965

View as four students study in a dorm room in Witwer Hall around 1965.

Field Hockey Co-Captains, c.1985

The team's co-captains, Sonya Church and Kristyn Lortz, pose for a photo together around 1985.

Field Hockey Team, c.1985

The Field Hockey team sits for a group photo.

Row 1: Stacey Wittmeyer, Kristyn Lortz, Lynn Kiesel

Row 2: Kristen Lorelli, Kathleen DeSchamp, Denise Stockwell, Megan Thomas, Carolyn Meno, Sally Flynn, Karen Paton, Sonya Church

Row 3: Coach Carol Cox...

Follies, "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman," 1974

For their 1974 production, the Follies perform It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman.

Arturo A. Fox, 1982

Spanish professor Arturo Fox in his office in 1982.

Arturo A. Fox, 1985

Arturo Fox, Spanish professor, lecturing in 1985.

Arturo A. Fox, c.1990

Spanish professor Arturo Fox around 1990.

Friends embrace, c.1986

A group of students embrace and flash bright smiles for a photo.


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