Richard M. Sia, c.1975

Physics professor Richard Sia at his desk around 1975.

Richard M. Sia, c.1975

Professor of Physics Richard Sia.

Spahr Library A-V room, c.1990

A student works in the Spahr Library A-V room around 1990.

Student brings the party, c.1987

A student carries a boombox and sings along.

Student checks their mailbox, c.1984

A student checks his mailbox in the Holland Union Building. 

Student falls asleep, c.1983

Lauren Atwell (Class of 1983) falls asleep during a study session.

Student poses, c.1992

A student looks off into the distance and smiles. Morgan Hall is visible in the background.

Students at a barbecue, c.1987

Students grill at an outdoor barbecue.

Students at Convocation, 1997

A group of students stand at Convocation on September 1, 1997.

Students at Homecoming, 2000

Rulla Moor '01, Yassmin Moor '03, and Anne O'Connor '03 lay on grass together during Homecoming weekend in fall 2000.

Students from the Netherlands, 1987

A group of students from the Netherlands in April 1987.

Left to Right: Alex Stols, Birgitte Goossen, Hank Boot, Martin Pekarek and Anne Gerritsen.

Students in a dorm hallway, c.1995

A male student stands in the hallway while a friend pokes her head out from a doorway behind him to join in on the picture.

Students in a dorm room, c.1975

View as a group of five students in a dorm room around 1975.

Students in the HUB Dining Hall, 1976

Several students sit around a table in the Holland Union Building Dining Hall in 1976 .

Students studying outside, 1983

Two students studying on a bench in the academic quad in spring 1983.

Andres Suris, c.1975

Professor of Spanish Andres Suris.

Andres Suris, c.1980

Professor of Spanish Andres Suris in classroom in frtont of chalkboard.

Swinging a racket, 1991

Stella Ip, '93, a member of the women's tennis team, executes a swing in spring 1991.

Theta Chi members, c.1987

Three male students, one in Theta Chi letters, smile for the camera.

Three girls pose together, c.1983

Three girls stand together and make "kissy" faces for the camera.

Three International students, c.1955

Three International students around 1955.

Three international students walking together, c.1955

Three international students from Japan, England, and Holland walk through the academic quad around 1955. 

Center: Denise Buell Meares (Australia) 

Candadai K. Tirumalai, c.1980

Professor of English Candadai K. Tirumalai standing and lecturing before a class.

Candadai K. Tirumalai, c.1980

Portrait of Professor of English Candadai K. Tirumalai.

Tri Delta sisters, c.1989

Three Tri Delta sisters pose for a photo.

Left to Right: Shari Mortimer ; Clare Hollihan ; Amy Murillo


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