Walton Hendricks, Diane

Chamber Choir, 1990

The 1989-1990 Dickinson College Chamber Choir in  May 1990.

Front Row, Left-Right: Katie Irwin, John Kain, Katherine Presnell, Matthew Rodano, JoAnne Haley, Professor Truman Bullard (Director), Linda Shippey, Robert Burlington, Tabitha Grasser, Richard Frey.

Second row...

Chamber Choir, 1991

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1990-1991 academic year. 

Back row: A Krall, E. Martsolf, E. Brandt, D. Buchan, B. Seward

Third row: T. Reed, D. Brown, S. Emmons, P. Atsaves, M. Johnsen, G. Weaver, T. Matha

Second row: L. Nelson, A....

Chamber Choir, 1992

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1991-1992 academic year.

Front row: Marie Fry, Andrew Koniers, Sarah Bash, Katie Irwin, Professor Truman Bullard (Director), Tabitha Grasser, Charles Cmle, Mike Goldstein.

Second row: Anneke Cooper, Trent Harrison,...

Wheel and Chain, 1991

View of the Wheel and Chain annual tapping ceremony in front of Old West in May 1991.

 Left to Right: Diane Walton (Class of 1992) ; Artrese Morrison (Class of 1992)
Wheel and Chain, c.1992

Nine women stand on the steps of Old West for a Wheel and Chain event. 

Far Left: Diane Walton ('92) ; Third from Left: Stephanie Ellis ('92)

Wheel and Chain, 1992

View of the Class of 1992 Blue Hats as they participate in the annual tapping ceremony on the steps of Old West in April 10, 1992.

Left to Right: Diane Walton, [unknown], Stephanie Ellis, Kristina Cole, Artrese Morrison, Laura Croghan, Heather Lingenfelter, Lynne Anne Henderson...

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