Croghan, Laura

Thomas L. Drucker, c.1990

Mathematics professor Thomas Drucker, on right, sorts through paperwork with Laura Croghan, Class of 1992.

Two parents talk with a RA (Resident Adviser) and orientation staff during Orientation for the Class of 1995. The three students wearing hats are also members of Wheel and Chain.

Center: Artrese Morrison ('92)

Right: Laura Croghan ('92)

Wheel and Chain, 1992

View of the Class of 1992 Blue Hats as they participate in the annual tapping ceremony on the steps of Old West in April 10, 1992.

Left to Right: Diane Walton, [unknown], Stephanie Ellis, Kristina Cole, Artrese Morrison, Laura Croghan, Heather Lingenfelter, Lynne Anne Henderson...

Wheel and Chain 1992

Members of Wheel and Chain poses for a group picture after Commencement on May 24, 1992.

Top Row, Left to Right: Emily Williams ('93) and Sarah Michener ('93)

Second Row: Yvonne Houck ('93) and Jill Graby ('93)

Third Row: Maria Amato ('93) and Amy...

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