1992 Senior Slideshow

Air guitar, c.1992

Two friends laugh and mime singing and playing the guitar.

Big smile, c.1992

Pete Atsaves (‘92) smiles at the camera.

Big smiles, c.1992

Two girls embrace and smile.

Charlie's Angels, c.1992

Three women, dressed as Charlie's Angels, pose for a photo.

Christmas, c.1992

A student smiles and holds a Kermit The Frog doll. Both have Santa hats.

Christmas gift, c.1992

A students smiles as he sits inside a box made to look like a Christmas gift.

Close up smiles, c.1992

Three students sport big smiles.

Colorful dress, c.1992

Four girls in colorful outfits smile for a photo.

Costume party, c.1992

Three students in matching costumes smile at a party.

Couple in winter, c.1992

A couple embrace on the Academic quad. Althouse Hall is visible in the background.

Couple sits in a chair, c.1992

A couple sits in a chair at an event.

Dancing, c.1992

Three girls laugh and dance at a party.

Dickinson swimmers, c.1992

Two swimmers pose with a poster dedicated to the Dickinson Swim team.

Dining hall, c.1992

View as a group of students eat in the dining hall.

Dorm room, c.1992

View of a student in a dorm room.

Eight students, c.1992

Eight students smile together for a photo.

Face masks, c.1992

Three girls in blue face masks smile for the camera.

Face painting, c.1992

A student smiles as someone draws on his face.

Fancy dress, c.1992

Three students in nice outfits pose for the camera.

Five friends, c.1992

Five friends smile for a photo in a dorm room.

Five friends in a dorm, c.1992

Five friends sit on a bed and pose for the camera.

Flappers, c.1992

Two students, dressed in 20's flapper style costumes, sit on a bed.

Flash photography, c.1992

A student makes a serious face as the camera's flash lights up.

Formal attire, c.1992

Four well-dressed students smile for a photo.

Formal group, c.1992

Ten well-dressed students smile for a photo.


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