1992 Senior Slideshow

Four friends, c.1992

Four friends pose for the camera.

Four friends, c.1992

Four girls smile.

Four friends on a couch, c.1992

Four friends sit on a couch.

Friends at a party, c.1992

Ten friends at a party.

Friends at a restaurant, c.1992

Six friends eat together at a restaurant.

Friends embrace, c.1992

Two friends share a chair and laugh.

Friends in a forest, c.1992

Three friends smile amidst trees and fallen leaves.

Friends in the grass, c.1992

Two friends sit on the grass and look up at the camera.

Friends on a bed, c.1992

Eight students sit together on a dorm room bed.

Friends on a couch, c.1992

Three friends, one wearing Alpha Chi Rho letters and another wearing a Dickinson College Dining Services apron, sit on a couch.

Right: Dee Davis

Friends pose for a photo, c.1992

Four friends pose for a photo.

Friends smile, c.1992

Two friends in ties smile for the camera.

Frisbee, c.1992

A student winds up to throw a frisbee.

Front seat, c.1992

A student looks back at the camera and grins.

Funny faces, c.1992

Three students lay on the floor and make matching silly faces.

Group laughter, c.1992

A group of friends laugh together.

Group photo at the beach, c.1992

Six girls in swimsuits pose at the beach.

Group photo on a boat, c.1992

Six senior members of the swim team smile during a trip to Florida for training over the Christmas break.

From top left going clockwise: [unknown - red sweatshirt] ; Linda Medlin (red Parka) ; Steve Kern ; Michelle Bryla ; Tom Richardson (denim jacket) ; Steph Porsche

Group photo on a pier, c.1992

Twelve students sit on a pier for a picture. 

Group picture, c.1992

Six girls at a party take a picture.

Guitar trio, c.1992

Three students sit outside and play guitar together.

Front: Mike Goldstein ('92)

Halloween costumes, c.1992

A group of students pose together in their Halloween costumes.

Halloween glasses, c.1992

A student wears Halloween-themed glasses and smiles.

Halloween party, c.1992

Students in costume hangout at a Halloween party.

Human pyramid, c.1992

A group of five pose and make a human pyramid. The Spahr Library's main entrance is visible in the background.


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