1992 Senior Slideshow

Student studying, c.1992

A student sits at a table with schoolwork and makes a silly face at the camera.

Students at Formal, c.1992

Seven well-dressed students smile.

Students in formal attire, c.1992

Two students in formal attire smile.

Students in matching outfits, c.1982

A group of students in matching outfits pose on a staircase. 

Study Abroad, c.1992

Three friends during their study abroad program.

Swimmer, c.1992

A student with swimming goggles poses for the camera.

Three friends, c.1992

Three friends embrace and make funny faces.

Three friends at a social event, c.1992

Three students smile at an event.

Three friends at the beach, c.1992

Three friends embrace on the beach.

Three friends in costumes, c.1992

Three girls in matching black bowties and pink shirts smile.

Three Students at Hawk Watch, c.1992

Three students enjoy the scenic view at Hawk Watch.

Three students in a dorm, c.1992

Three students smile in a dorm room.

Toga dresses, c.1992

Three students in togas smile, one wearing Kappa Kappa Gamma letters.

Left to Right: Kristin Lighttiser, Lisa Richards Troy, and Anne Richeson Amoroso

Toga party, c.1992

Three students in toga costumes.

Trumpet player, c.1992

A student plays his trumpet.

Two couples in formal attire, c.1992

Two couples in formal attire pose in a dorm room before an event.

Two friends, c.1992

Two friends smile.

Two friends sit, c.1992

Two friends sit on a couch.

Two friends sit outside, c.1992

Two girls sit on a rock formation.

Two friends smile, c.1992

Two girls smile for a picture.

Two students embrace, c.1992

Two students embrace. A "multi-cultural" sign is visible in the background. 

Two students embrace, c.1992

Two students smile and embrace for the camera.

Violin player, c.1992

A student plays his violin beside a window.

Volleyball, c.1992

View as two students play volleyball in the sand.

Volleyball game, c.1992

A student serves during a volleyball game. 


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