1992 Senior Slideshow

Human pyramid, c.1992

Five students form a human pyramid on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Kitty cat, c.1992

A student holds an orange tabby cat.

Large group photo, c.1992

A group of 38 students pose for a photo.

Laughing friends, c.1992

Five girls laugh together in a dorm room.

Live music, c.1992

A band plays music during a "92 Days Til Graduation Party." 

Moving day, c.1992

Four students help load luggage into a car.

National Mall, c.1992

Two students pose on the National Mall with the Washington Monument in the background.

On the phone, c.1992

A student makes a phone call and smiles.

Outdoor meal, c.1992

A group eats a meal at a picnic table.

Pet snake, c.1992

Two students with a pet snake.

Phone call, c.1992

A student talks on the phone and looks at the camera.

Pumpkin carving, c.1992

Two students make silly faces and pose with their pumpkins.

Red streamers, c.1992

Five friends pose at a social event decorated with red streamers.

Rooster costume, c.1992

A student in a rooster costume stands in a hallway.

Shaving cream, c.1992

Two students look silly with their faces and hair covered in shaving cream.

Silly group photo, c.1992

Three students wear silly outfits and matching hats.

Silly outfit, c.1992

A student models a silly outfit for the camera.

Silly pose, c.1992

A student poses for the camera at a pool.

Six friends in costumes, c.1992

Six friends in silly costumes smile.

Ski day, c.1992

Four students in winter clothing smile during a ski trip. 

Sledding, c.1992

Six students use a cafeteria tray for sledding.

Zoo sculpture, c.1992

Three students pose on a sign for the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Student at the beach, c.1992

A student at the beach.

Student poses, c.1992

A student looks off into the distance and smiles. Morgan Hall is visible in the background.

Student receives a gift, c.1992

A student with a wrapped gift and balloon.


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