Friends hang out, c.1985

Two friends hang out together.

Friends laugh together, c.1994

Two friends laugh together.

Friends talk in the Holland Union Building, c.1983

Three students stop to talk near the main stairs in the Holland Union Building (HUB).

Left to Right: Jeanne Yingst ('83) ; Jane Mackell ('83) ; Mike Rock ('83)

Frisbee, c.1992

A student winds up to throw a frisbee.

Sachito Fujimoto, c.1965

Sachito Fujimoto, an international student, poses with a copy of the 1959-1960 Microcosm.

Three people look at ornate box, c.1960

President Gilbert Malcolm ('15) looks at an ornate box with two international students around 1960.

Charles A. Grant, c.1930

Charles A. Grant is a member of the Class of 1931.

Group smiles for photo, c.1986

Four students smile for a photo.

History class, 1996

Visiting scholar from Cameroon Emmanuel Chiabi conducts his class, American History since 1865, on April 26, 1996.

Homecoming buffet, 1951

People eating at a buffet during Homecoming weekend in fall 1951.

Hot day, c.1982

View as three students study and hangout outside a dorm.

Etsuko Inoguchi, 1999

East Asian Studies professor Etsuko Inoguchi in August 1999.

Faculty and Students, International Studies, 1949

A group of international students during the 1948-1949 academic year. Math Professor Frank Ayres (left) and President William Edel are sitting on the bench.

International students, c.1950

A group of international students sit by a fireplace around 1950.

International students, 1958

A group of international students on the steps of Old West with Professor Milton E. Flower ('31) in 1958.

International students, c.1960

A group of international students sit on steps together.

International students, 1962

A group of international students on November 20, 1962

International students, c.1975

Antonis Yuk (Hong Kong) and Peter Veihoever (Netherlands) walk in front of Old West around 1975.

International students, 1981

A group of international students during the 1980-81 academic year.

Front Row: Bernd Schwensfeier (West Germany), Pietrus Bots (the Netherlands), Jan Kilhamn (Sweden), Tak-Kin Wong (Hong-Kong), Frank Nunoo-Quarcoo (Ghana), and Tak Jun Wong (Hong-Kong).

Second Row...

International students, 1984

A group of international students in the stairwell of the Holland Union Building during the 1983-84 academic year.

Front Row: Carina Palmqvist (Sweden), Katya Naman (Lebanon), Laura Ganon (Brazil), Laura Cenacchi (Italy), Mei Fun Leung (Hong Kong), Mr. Doernbach, Dean Carson...

International students, c.1985

A group of international students outside the Holland Union Building around 1985. Dean Mary Frances Carson is on the far right.

International students, 1986

A group of international students during the 1985-86 academic year.

Front Row: Maryse Capot

Second Row: Isabella Falchi, Jean Jacques Maartense, Marianne Jensen, Anne Gerritsen, Roberta Castellano, Thomas Seydoux, Sylvie Bernard, Concha Barbalopez, Pablo de la...

International Students, 1987

A group of international students during the 1986-87 academic year.

International students, 1988

Two female international students from Japan pose together.

International students, 1990

A group of international students during the 1989-1990 academic year. 


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