1989 Senior Slideshow

A Clockwork Orange, 1989

View as members of the Kappa Sigma senior class pose during the annual "Bizarre West Coast Jungle Night," in which tradition had the seniors dress as Droogs (from the movie A Clockwork Orange).

Arms out, c.1989

Two friends stick their arms out as they pose for the camera.

Left to Right: Christy Ward ('89) ; Elise Watson

Balancing act, c.1989

Two girls balance drinks on their heads.

Balloon costume, c.1989

A student poses in her Halloween costume made with balloons.

Bermuda Triangle costume, c.1989

A student poses in a Bermuda Triangle inspired costume. The text reads: "Bermuda TRIANGLE est 1864. Home of Paul Schaefer.

Bicycle, c.1989

A student sits on a bike.

Big hug, c.1989

Two students embrace.

Big hugs, c.1989

A group of girls embrace and smile.

Left to Right: Karen Peterson ; Randi Silverberg ; Serina Pak ; Donna Jacobi ; Karen Wisser

Big smiles, c.1989

Two friends smile for the camera.

Big wink, c.1989

Four students walk through Dickinson's campus. The Kline Center is in the background. 

Left to Right: Bill Hoffman ; Dave Updike ; Bryan Price ; Dan Anderson

Birthday, c.1989

View as a student blows out his candles.

Blue eyes, c.1989

A couple at a social event smiles .

Blue sky, c.1989

A group of students pose for a photo.

Broadway night, c.1989

A member of Kappa Alpha Theta poses during a Broadway night event.

Camera Flash, c.1989

Amy Brounley ('89) is lit up by the camera flash.

Candid, c.1989

A couple smiles.

Car ride, c.1989

Three friends smile during a car ride.

Left to Right: Laura Dubois ; Annette [Ackley?] ; [Carolyn? last name unknown] 

Cavemen costumes, c.1989

Three students in cavemen costumes pose for a photo.

Cavemen costumes, c.1989

Mimi Azoubel (class of 1989) stands with another student in cavemen costumes for Halloween.

Charlie's Angels, c.1989

Tori Larson, Betsy Buxton and Karen Coppinger pose as Charlie's Angels.

Chefs, c.1989

Two students pose in a kitchen.

Climbing in a dorm, c.1989

A student smiles as he hangs from the bunk bed.

Closeup, c.1989

Conrad "Chad" Lower and Amelia "Amy" Murillo pose in a silly fashion.

Costume, c.1989

A student with an animal nose costume piece.

Costume party, c.1989

Two friends pose at a cowboy themed party.


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