1989 Senior Slideshow

Spring Break, 1987

Three friends smile during their spring break in 1987.

Student on crutches, c.1989

View of a student with crutches and a foot inside a Foot Locker bag.

Students in a parking lot, c.1989

A group of students take a picture in a parking lot.

Students outside the dorms, c.1989

Three students pose for the camera outside the residence halls known as the "Quads" in spring 1986.

Left to Right: Resident Advisor (RA) Adrienne Szafran ; Christine Losco ; Andrea Tingey

Students outside the Spahr Library, c.1989

View of students on McKenney Field outside the Spahr library. The ramp visible in the background is the emergency exit from the main floor of the library.

Study Abroad, c.1989

A group of Dickinsonians pose for a photo during their study abroad.

Study abroad, c.1989

Two students during their study abroad experience.

Study Abroad, c.1989

A group of friends pose for a photo.

Suits and ties, c.1989

Four students in suits and ties pose with a bottle of champagne.

Sunny day, c.1989

A student wears sunglasses and smiles.

Swim meet, c.1989

Two Dickinson swimmers point at the camera during a swim meet.

Swimmers, c.1989

View of several swim team members at a social event.

Ten students, c.1989

Ten students take a picture during their study abroad program. 

Three blind mice, c.1989

Three students dress as the three blind mice for Halloween.

Left to Right:  Lisa Polisano ; Lynn Goldman ; [unknown]

Three Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

Three Delta Nu sisters smile for a photo.

Three friends, c.1989

Three girls smile and sit amidst a cobweb made of yarn.

Three friends, c.1989

Three friends pose on a couch.

Three friends, c.1989

Three students pose for a picture. One of the students is wearing a Dickinson College Dance Theatre Group T-shirt.

Left to Right: Jeff Litts ('89) ; Christopher Griffin ('89) ; David Brower ('89)

Three friends, c.1989

Three friends pose for a photo.

Three students, c.1989

Three friends, one wearing Sigma Alpha Epsilon letters, sit on a couch.

Left to Right: Scott Heim ; Jeff Philpott ('89) ; John Turk ('89)

Three students at a party, c.1989

Three students wear party hats at a social event.

Tongues out, c.1989

Kathleen Sweeney (left) and Conrad "Chad" Lower make silly faces outside the entrance to the Allison United Methodist Church.

Trash can, c.1989

View of a student inside a trash can.

Tri Delta sisters, c.1989

Seven Tri Delta smile. The Tri Delta sisters in this picture include Susan Toth, Shari Mortimer, Marianne Hilferty, Susan Scoamanna, Clair [last name unknown], Cindy [last name unknown], and Kathleen DeChamp.

Tri Delta sisters, c.1989

Three Tri Delta sisters pose for a photo.

Left to Right: Shari Mortimer ; Claire [last name unknown] ; Amy Murillo


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