1989 Senior Slideshow

Halloween paparazzi, c.1989

Students in costume walk to a social event, most likely a Halloween party.

Happy friends, c.1989

Two happy students smile.

Happy students, c.1989

Three students laugh at a social event.

Hat and sunglasses, c.1989

A student smiles as they sit on a bed in a dorm.

Holiday party, c.1989

View of two girls in fancy dresses at a holiday party.

Home improvement, c.1989

Two students pose with paint rollers.

Homecoming queen, c.1989

The homecoming queen smiles with her flowers.

Human pyramid, c.1989

Nine students make a human pyramid at the beach.

Kappa Alpha Theta, c.1989

A student poses in her Greek letters.

Kappa Sigma, c.1989

Two brothers smile.

Kiss, c.1989

A student receives a kiss on each cheek.

Limbo, c.1989

A girl bends low in a game of limbo during a social event. 

Living statues, c.1989

Two students attempt to recreate a statue as they spit water.

Love, c.1989

A couple kisses at a formal event.

Masks, c.1989

Two friends wear blue skin masks.

Mermaid Players, "The Threepenny Opera," 1987

Cast members who portrayed beggars in the Mermaid Players' production of The Threepenny Opera in April 1987.

Deb Vincenti ('89) is holding the "I am Starving" sign while Jenny Gayer ('89) is standing right above her.

Nap, c.1989

A student, wrapped in a blanket, takes a nap on the Drayer Hall porch.

Nighttime, c.1989

Two students pose for a photo.

Ninja costumes, c.1989

Two students pose in homemade ninja costumes.

On the water, c.1989

Two students ride in a gondola during their study abroad experience.

Oompa Loompas, c.1989

View of two students in Oompa Loompa costumes.

Out to dinner, c.1989

A group of students enjoy a meal.

Out to eat, c.1989

Two friends smile during dinner.

Party fun, c.1989

Two friends wear party hats at a social event. 

Party hats, c.1989

Two friends smile in homemade party hats.


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