1989 Senior Slideshow

Picnic, c.1989

Paul Assam (class of 1989) enjoys a drink as they sit outside on a blanket.

Pied Piper costume, c.1989

A student holds a recorder and poses in his Pied Piper costume.

Piggy-back-ride, c.1989

Two Delta Nu sisters - Melissa Swaim and Laura Anibal (class of 1989) - pose for a photo.

Pink Floyd poster, c.1989

View of Brian McTague ('89) in a dorm room with a Pink Floyd poster.

Playground, c.1989

Two students, one wearing a Kappa Alpha Theta sweatshirt, smile as they sit on a slide .

Raggedy Ann costume, c.1989

A student wears a Raggedy Ann costume at a Halloween party.

Raven's Claw Society, c.1989

Raven's Claw members Joe Patruno and Dave Mairo wear their white caps.

Red and white, c.1989

A group of girls wearing Dickinson red and white.

Left to Right: Kristin DeSantis ; Felicia Graham ; Diana Ricci ; Amy Barefoot

Rock 'n' Roll, c.1989

A boy looks into the camera and poses.

Rocky, c.1989

A student stands outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a statue of Rocky.

Sailor hat, c.1989

Don Peterson sits in a chair wearing a sailor hat.

Scarecrow costume, c.1989

A student poses in an oversized outfit of flannel and blue jeans.

Scenic view, c.1989

A student poses during a nature outing.

Sculpture sitting, c.1989

Three girls sit on a sculpture and smile.

Selfie, c.1989

Two students make silly faces for the camera.

Selfie, c.1989

A student makes a silly face as she takes a selfie.

Silliness, c.1989

Melissa Swaim is on the back of Laura Anibal at a Delta Nu event.

Silly faces, c.1989

Two friends make silly faces.

Silly pose, c.1989

A student poses in boxers, a sport coat, and sunglasses.

Smiles, c.1989

Two students smile for a photo.

Snaps, c.1989

Three students pose on a staircase.

Songbird, c.1989

Amy Barefoot (Class of 1989) holds a microphone and sings.

Spa night, c.1989

A student smiles in his blue face mask.

Spoons and chopsticks, c.1989

Two girls pose with spoons and chopsticks for a picture.

Spring Break, 1987

Three friends smile during their spring break in 1987.


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