Delta Nu

Delta Nu, c.1989

Two fraternity brothers pose with Delta Nu t-shirts.

Delta Nu at Homecoming, 1984

Members of the Delta Nu sorority celebrate during Homecoming weekend in November 1984.

Delta Nu formal, 1983

Jackie Martineau and Leon Rose, both members of the class of 1983, take a picture in McKinney suites before the Delta Nu formal in 1983.

Delta Nu playing football, c.1980

Members of Delta Nu play football around 1980.

Delta Nu Senior Exec, 1983

Delta Nu Senior Exec (Kathy Lesniak, Melanie Kuhn, Jennifer Antrim, JB Barna, Janet Rice) meet for dinner and drinks at the Gingerbread Man in 1983.

Delta Nu sister with leg in a cast, c.1985

A Delta Nu sisters sports a cast on her leg decorated with Delta Nu spirit!

Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

A group of Delta Nu sisters embrace for a photo.

Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

Four Delta Nu sisters pose.

Left to Right: Georgi "Strong" Munger ; Laura "Mead" Braverman ; Nancy "Kramer" Carden ; Jennifer Burt

Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

A group of Delta Nu sisters pose with their yellow roses.

Delta Nu sisters, c.1993

Seven Delta Nu sisters, including Jen Pickle, smile for a photo.

Delta Nu Sisters, c.1994

Seven DNu sisters pose together.

Delta Nu sisters at Commencement, 1997

A group of Delta Nu sisters stand in front of Bosler Hall at Commencement on May 18, 1997.

Four friends smile, c.1987

Four friends, one in Delta Nu letters, smile for a photo.

Left to Right: Janice Rowley, Steph Grubb, Mindy Williams and Shaun Fisher

Girls spend time together, c.1995

A group of girls hang out together. 

Members of Delta Nu wear matching outfits, c.1986

Two students in Delta Nu hats pose in matching silly outfits.

Left to Right: Linda Blechman and Mary Kelhart

Piggy-back-ride, c.1989

Two Delta Nu sisters - Melissa Swaim and Laura Anibal (class of 1989) - pose for a photo.

Seniors of Delta Nu, c.1995

The senior class of the Delta Nu sorority take a group picture. 

Silliness, c.1989

Melissa Swaim is on the back of Laura Anibal at a Delta Nu event.

Silly pair sings, c.1986

A pair of Delta Nu members sing passionately.

Left to Right: Barb Stauch Slusher and Laura Grover Kirkpatrick

Sisters of Delta Nu smile, c.1991

A few sisters of Delta Nu stand together and laugh while someone takes a picture of them.

Left to Right Cara Williams, Megan Taylor, Victoria Fyfe, Anna Huff, Amy Scarnecchia

Sisters of Delta Nu stand together, c.1991

Some of the sisters of Delta Nu, probably the senior sisters, take a picture together.

Six students, c.1994

Six girls, most members of Delta Nu, smile while sharing a drink at the Gingerbread Man. 

Third from Left: Laura Evans

Second from Right: Elizabeth Mayo

Smiling friends, c.1993

Five friends sit together and smile.

Three Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

Three Delta Nu sisters smile for a photo.

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