1987 Senior Slideshow

Couple poses, c.1987

A couple, dressed in formal attire, holds hands.

Eight students smile, c.1987

Eight students smile as they pose for a photo.

Five friends, c.1987

View of five friends in a dorm.

Five students show off matching t-shirts, c.1987

A group of students show off their matching Hard Rock Café t-shirts.

Four friends pose, c.1987

Four students, one in Kappa Alpha Theta letters, in a dorm room.

Four friends smile, c.1987

Four friends, one in Delta Nu letters, smile for a photo.

Left to Right: Janice Rowley, Steph Grubb, Mindy Williams and Shaun Fisher

Four students, c.1987

Four students pose in silly attire. 

Four students pose, c.1987

Four students pose indoors. 

Four students sit outside, c.1987

Four students sit together outside.

Friends celebrate, c.1987

Two students with a cake and a bottle of champagne. 

Friends celebrate Christmas, c.1987

Three students sit in front of a Christmas tree.

Friends dressed for rain, c.1987

Two students, one in an umbrella hat, smile for a photo.

Friends in a dorm room, c.1987

Five students are all smiles.

Friends in the sun, c.1987

Two students sport bright, sunny smiles.

Friends pose for a photo, c.1987

Female students pose and laugh.

Friends ready for the cold, c.1987

Four students pose in sweaters and scarves. 

Friends share a drink, c.1987

Four friends sip their drinks together in a dorm.

Friends share a laugh, c.1987

Three friends share a laugh as they sit on a couch.

Friends share an outdoor meal, c.1987

Three students enjoy some food at an event.

Friends sit with luggage, c.1987

A group of female students sit with their luggage.

Friends smile for a photo, c.1987

Two students, one in a football jersey, smile.

Friends take a photo, c.1987

A group of friends pose together on a staircase.

Group photo, c.1987

A group of students pose for a photo.

Group photo in Italy, 1986

Members of the Class of 1987 take a group photo during their junior year abroad, possibly during a class trip to south-central Italy in spring 1986. A large group of students pose for a photo on a sunny day.

Front row: Michelle Keene (from Swarthmore College) ; Sallie Bolton ;...

Kappa Alpha Theta celebrates, c.1987

A large group of students, many wearing Kappa Alpha Theta letters, pose for a photo during an event.


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