1987 Senior Slideshow

Kappa Kappa Gamma members, c.1987

Three female students, two in Kappa Kappa Gamma letters, smile.

Kappa Sigma brother, c.1987

Ravens Claw President Steve Eisenhardt ('87), wearing Kappa Sigma letters, walks through the academic quad.

Mini dance party, c.1987

Four students laugh and dance.

Pi Beta Phi sisters in costumes, c.1987

Pi Beta Phi sisters sing and dance while in costumes.

Raven's Claw member, c.1987

A member of Raven's Claw Society hugs another student.

Six students, c.1987

Six students gather for a group photo.

Sorority members perform, c.1987

A group of female students, wearing sunglasses, sings. A sorority composite is visible in the background. 

Student brings the party, c.1987

A student carries a boombox and sings along.

Student gets stuck, c.1987

A student tries to crawl through a small opening in a bathroom door. The sign on the door indicates that 24 Hour Quiet rules have started because of final exams.

Student in a butterfly costume, c.1987

A student in a butterfly costume poses for a photo.

Student in a costume, c.1987

A student in a costume, which includes a handbag, wig, glasses, and shawl.

Student makes a call, c.1987

A student laughs during a phone call.

Student makes a silly face, c.1987

A female student in a Sigma Alpha Epsilon sweatshirt makes a funny face.

Student relaxes on beach chair, c.1987

A student smiles for a photo as she relaxes in the sun on a beach.

Student smiles, c.1987

A student smiles for the camera.

Student smiles for the camera, c.1987

A well-dressed student smiles.

Student strikes a pose, c.1987

A student poses dramatically in a doorway.

Student strikes a pose, c.1987

A student smiles and poses in a doorway.

Student takes a leap of faith, c.1987

A student assists his friend as she leaps from one bench to another.

Student with a captain's hat, c.1987

A male student with a captain's hat makes a silly face.

Students at a barbecue, c.1987

Students grill at an outdoor barbecue.

Students at Hershey Park, c.1987

Students in front of the Hershey Park sign.

Students at the beach, c.1987

A group of happy students pose on a sunny beach.

Students cook a meal, c.1987

Two students work together in a kitchen.

Students enjoy sunshine, c.1987

A group of students smile for a photo as they enjoy the sunshine.


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