1983 Senior Slideshow

Academic procession at commencement, c.1983

A few members of the academic procession stop to look back at the camera.

Asleep, c.1983

A student falls asleep on the coach while another sits with him. 

Left: Jeanne Yingst ('83)

William Black plays the flugelhorn, c.1983

William Black '83 plays the flugelhorn at an event.

Car covered in snow, c.1983

A car parked on Mooreland Avenue outside of Malcolm Hall is covered in snow around 1980. "Do Not Disturb" has been written in the snow.

Ceremony on steps of Old West, c.1983

An honors ceremony takes place on the front steps of Old West. A member of Wheel and Chain is speaking at the podium.

Roseann Belza Cooper ('83) is in the grey suit on the steps.

Delta Nu formal, 1983

Jackie Martineau and Leon Rose, both members of the class of 1983, take a picture in McKinney suites before the Delta Nu formal in 1983.

Delta Nu Senior Exec, 1983

Delta Nu Senior Exec (Kathy Lesniak, Melanie Kuhn, Jennifer Antrim, JB Barna, Janet Rice) meet for dinner and drinks at the Gingerbread Man in 1983.

Five students pose, c.1983

Five students pose while wearing matching t-shirts and making a symbol with their hands. 

Bottom left to right: Cynthia Lefever ; Jan Kaufmann ('83) ; Dawn Potts

Four friends hanging out, c.1983

A group of four Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters pause to take a picture together.

Left to Right:Dawn Potts ('83) ; Jennifer Homnick ('83) ; Cynthia Lefever ('83) ; Cathy Phillips ('83)

Four friends pose for a picture, c.1983

Four friends all sit and smile for the camera.

Four friends smile, c.1983

Four friends stand together and smile for the camera. 

Far left: Janet Nathenson ('83)

Four students at a a formal event, c.1983

Four students pose together for the camera while attending a formal event. 

2nd from left: Lisa K. Matthews ('83)

Lisa-Anne French, c.1983

Lisa-Anne French smiles and laughs despite the fact that she is using crutches for an injury. 

Friends take a photograph, c.1983

Five friends sit together and take a picture.

From Left to Right: Dana Carter, Rena Ronson, Debby Peltz, Lisa Matthews, Lauren Roberts

Friends take a picture during holiday season, c.1983

A group of friends stand in front of a Christmas tree and take a picture. 

Friends talk in the Holland Union Building, c.1983

Three students stop to talk near the main stairs in the Holland Union Building (HUB).

Left to Right: Jeanne Yingst ('83) ; Jane Mackell ('83) ; Mike Rock ('83)

Girl in a baseball cap, c.1983

A student in a baseball hat stands outside with some friends and poses for the camera.

Girl laughs, c.1983

A girl, holding yarn in her hand, stops to laugh for the camera, while her friend stands by her side.

Girl playing tennis, c.1983

A student plays tennis on the courts near Biddle Field around the year 1983. 

Group of friends at an event, c.1983

Dan Allanoff ('83) puts his arms in the air as he poses with friends for a picture at a social event.

Bottom of photo: Stan Edwards ('83)

Group of friends dress up, c.1983

A group of friends dress up in costumes, possibly for Halloween, and take a picture together. 

Group of friends laughing, c.1983

A group of three friends stand and laugh together in one of the residence halls.

Man on the right: John Gordner ('83)

Group of women at social event, c.1983

A group of nine women take a picture together. Most of the women are holding drinks, perhaps in celebration of an event or simply in celebration of spending time together. 

Group picture outside, c.1983

A group of friends stand outside and take a picture together.

Holland Union Building, c.1983

Students walk into the Holland Union Building (HUB) or sit on the steps to catch the sun.


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