1989 Senior Slideshow

Cowboy, c.1989

A student poses in a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt and cowboy hat.

Curls, c.1989

A student smiles at the camera.

Delta Nu, c.1989

Two fraternity brothers pose with Delta Nu t-shirts.

Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

A group of Delta Nu sisters embrace for a photo.

Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

A group of Delta Nu sisters pose with their yellow roses.

Delta Nu sisters, c.1989

Four Delta Nu sisters pose.

Left to Right: Georgi "Strong" Munger ; Laura "Mead" Braverman ; Nancy "Kramer" Carden ; Jennifer Burt

Dickinson colors, c.1989

A student wears Dickinson red and white.

Dinner date, c.1989

A couple shares a homemade meal.

Dorm room, c.1989

A student smiles in her dorm room.

Dress up, c.1989

A girl poses in front of a United Kingdom flag.

Fast food, c.1989

Two students pose with Ronald McDonald hats.

Five friends, c.1989

A group of five friends embrace for a photo.

Flamenco style, c.1989

Two girls pretend to hold castanets as they pose for a photo.

Formal, c.1989

Five girls in dresses before a formal event.

Formal attire, c.1989

Two students in formal attire in a dorm room.

Left to Right: Rob Walsh '89 ; Mark Buehlman '89

Four friends, c.1989

A group of four friends smile for a photo.

Left to Right: Bryan Price ; Greg Gettle ; Mohammed Khan ; Jeff Helsel

Four students, c.1989

Four students pose in flowery dresses.

Friends at a party, c.1989

Two girls pose with drinks at a party. 

Friendship, c.1989

Two friends pose with flowers.

Funny face, c.1989

A girl looks into the camera.

Group chaos, c.1989

Seven friends pose for a picture.

Group of students, c.1989

Several students hold a woman up in the air.

Left to Right: [unknown] ; Christine Losco ; Dave Wargo ; Brian [McTaggert or Taggert?]

Group photo, c.1989

A group of students at a social event. 

Gumby, c.1989

A girl poses with an inflatable Gumby.

Halloween, c.1989

Five friends pose in their costumes.


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