1982 Senior Slideshow

Big smile, c.1982

A student with curly hair smiles.

Big smile, c.1982

Katherine Killeen ('82) smiles with a Red Devils sign in the background.

Boy smiles, c.1982

A student sits with his schoolwork outside the Spahr Library and smiles.

Candid, c.1982

Two students stand outside on campus, one wearing a paisley shirt.

Candid, c.1982

A students reclines in his seat as his friends drink.

Candid laugh, c.1982

A student holds his pizza as he laughs.

Close up, c.1982

A girl sports a smile for the camera.

Close up smile, c.1982

A blue-eyed girl smiles for the camera.

Closeup, c.1982

A student smiles for the camera.

Conversation in the sun, c.1982

Two students sit outside and talk.

Fancy dress, c.1982

A woman in a tux and top hat smiles while holding balloons.

Four friends, c.1982

Four students  pose against a wooden railing in the Holland Union Building.

Friends hangout, c.1982

A group of friends sit outside a dorm in the sun.

Friends in a dorm room, c.1982

Two girls in long skirts sit on a bed and smile for the camera.

Friends on a balcony, c.1982

Four students hangout on a balcony.

Friends pose, c.1982

Two students hold stuffed animals in a dorm room.

Friends sit, c.1982

Three friends sit on steps and laugh.

Friends sit in the grass, c.1982

Five friends sit in the grass and laugh.

Friends sit outside, c.1982

Three friends hangout in the sun.

Friends sunbathe, c.1982

Two friends lay outside in bathing suits to soak up the sun.

Group of students, c.1982

Nineteen students pose for a picture outside.

Group sits in the grass, c.1982

A group of students sit in a circle on the Academic quad.

Hot day, c.1982

View as three students study and hangout outside a dorm.

Laughing friends, c.1982

Two friends laugh together.

Laying in the grass, c.1982

A woman lays in the grass and looks back at the camera.


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