Campus Spring Scenes

Alumni Gymnasium, 1968

View of the Alumni Gymnasium through red maple trees growing in front of the building in May 1968.

Bosler Hall, 1959

View of Bosler Hall and the John Dickinson campus in spring 1959.

Chemistry class outside, 1991

Chemistry Professor Cindy Samet ('83) lectures to her class on the front porch of Althouse Hall in April 1991.

Class of 1915 Gateway, 1999

Panoramic view of the Class of 1915 Gateway from spring 1999.  This gateway is located in front of the President's House at 212 W. High Street.

Class of 1915 Gateway, 2000

The Class of 1915 Gateway to the President's House in spring 2000. This gateway is located at the corner of W. High Street and S. West Street.

Conversation in the sun, c.1982

Two students sit outside and talk.

Easter egg hunt, 1984

Members of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority play a game with local children at an Easter egg hunt they hosted on the academic quad in spring 1984.

Fencing at Springfest, 1980

Members of the fencing team exhibit their skills at Springfest in 1980.

Friends sit in the grass, c.1982

Five friends sit in the grass and laugh.

Friends sunbathe, c.1982

Two friends lay outside in bathing suits to soak up the sun.

Girls make a pyramid on Morgan field, c.1995

A group of girls get into the pyramid formation on Morgan field for a picture. 

Holland Union Building entrance, c.1975

View of the Holland Union Building entrance that faces N. College Street around 1975.

Holland Union Building entrance, 2000

View of the Holland Union Building's entrance that faces N. College Street in spring 2000.

Hot day, c.1982

View as three students study and hangout outside a dorm.

Kline Center, 1990

External view of the Kline Center, a decade after its completion, shot from across the pond.

Kline Center entrance, 2000

View of the main entrance to the Kline Center in spring 2000.

Kline Center, pond, 2000

View of the pond facing towards the Cherry Street-High Street Intersection.

Malcolm Hall, c.1970

Malcolm Hall five years after its completion.

Nap in the grass, c.1982

A student takes a nap on the Academic quad. 

Old West, 1959

The ivy-covered facade of Old West in spring 1959.

Old West, c.1988

Two friends smile on a sunny day.

One student carries another, c.1995

A student carries another one on Morgan field. 

Outdoor stroll, c.1984

Four students walk across campus.

President's House, 1980

View of the President's House in April 1980.

President's House, 2003

View of the President's House on April 17, 20033


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