Academic Open House, 1991

Freshmen students listen attentively to Geology Professor Noel Potter (left) as he speaks to them at the Academic Open House on September 1, 1991 in the Social Hall inside the Holland Union Building (HUB). 

Academic Open House, 1992

Geology Professor Noel Potter (seated on left) talk with freshmen in the Social Hall of the Holland Union Building during the Academic Open House on August 30, 1992.

Geology class, 1958

Instructor Bill Vernon's geology class in Althouse Hall in fall 1958.

Geology field trip, 1995

Professor Marcus Key (far left) conducts his geology class on a trip to Gettysburg battlefield in spring 1995.

Geology fieldwork, 1990

Amanda Davis (left) and Jon Berry (right) measure elevation on campus as part of a geology lab on September 12, 1990.

Geology Lab, c.1975

Students in Professor William Vernon's mineralogy class observe different types of minerals using microscopes.

Geology lab, 1991

Professor Marcus Key examines a rock specimen with students during a geology lab on November 5, 1991.

Henry W. A. Hanson, 1981

Professor of Geology Henry Hanson helping Andy Lieberman in an optical mineralogy lab in 1981.

Professor Noel Potter with student, c.1980

Professor Noel Potter, Jr. (left) examines a rock with student while on a geology field trip to a quarry around 1980.

Noel Potter, Jr., c.1990

Geology professor Noel Potter, in hat, examines an outcrop with Steve Lev (Class of 1992), standing behind, and Laura Pezzoli (student visiting from Bologna, Italy).

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