Baird Biology Building display cases, c.1950

Display cases in the Baird Biology Building around 1950.

Baird Biology Building office, c.1950

An office in the lower level of the Baird Biology Building.

Baird Biology Building work area

Work area in the Baird Biology Building around 1950.

Paul J. Biebel, 1981

Biology professor Paul Biebel explains a concept to students while Philip Conrad '85, standing behind, looks on.

Biochemistry Lab

Two students consult over an experiment in a biochemistry lab in May 1995.

Biology Class, c.1955

Professor Milton Eddy lectures to his biology class around 1955.

Biology fieldwork, 1991

Robin Turin '93 (right), under the guidance of Professor Janet Wright, uses a syringe on a woodchuck in April 1991.

Biology Lab

Biology students perform a dissection around 1880.

Biology Lab

Biology students perform a lab exercise around 1940.

Biology Lab, c.1955

Professor Milton Eddy's (standing, center back) biology class performs a microscopy lab around 1955.

Biology lab

A student performs an experiment on a mouse in a biology lab around 1975.

Biology lab, 1982

Biology students perform an experiment on each other's nerve impulses in 1982.

Biology lab, 1984

Students perform a microscopy lab during a biology class in fall 1984. 

Front left: Joe Bergman '88.

Biology lab, 1990

A professor and two students discuss specimens in a biology lab in October 1990.

Biology lab

Professor Anthony Pires (left) supervises two students performing a biology lab in March 1996.

Diane M. Calabrese, c.1980

Biology professor Diane Calabrese fishes something out of a tank in her laboratory.

Class in Baird Biology Building, c.1950

Students during a class in Baird Biology Building around 1950.

Collecting organisms, 1995

Biology students collect samples outside the Dana greenhouse in March 1995.

Denny Hall Biology classroom, c.1920

The Biology classroom in the basement of Denny Hall around 1920.

Dissection, c.1895

Several Biology students perform dissections around 1895.

Dissection, c.1895

Biology students perform dissections while smoking pipes around 1895.

Milton W. Eddy, c.1950

An authority on the identification of persons by hair specimens, Biology professor Milton Eddy speaks in front of his diagram of a strand of hair, circa 1950.

Electron microscope, 1988

Professor Richard M. Lane and a student use an electron microscope in January 1988.

Examining a specimen

Two biology students observe a specimen in a glass jar around 1955.

Experimental results, 1994

Professor Mike Roberts and two students examine experimental results on a gel in 1994.


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