Class on the Academic Quad, c.1985

Panoramic view of a class sitting on the Academic Quad around 1985. Bosler Hall, Althouse Hall, and West College are in the background.

Classics class

A classics class meets on October 25, 1992.

Classics class outside, 1997

Professor Chris Francese conducts his Latin class on the Academic quad on September 23, 1997.

Classroom in Bosler Hall, c.1985

Panoramic view of a students in a classroom in Bosler Hall around 1985.

Collecting organisms, 1995

Biology students collect samples outside the Dana greenhouse in March 1995.

Computer science class, c.1980

A computer science professor teaches a class around 1980.

Computer science class, 1988

A student works in a computer science class while her professor helps a student two rows ahead on October 25, 1988.

Computer science lab, c.1980

Two students operate a computer for their computer science class around 1980.

Computer science lab, 1991

Students participate in a computer science lab exercise on November 5, 1991.

Foreground: Andrea Chen, '94

Professor Crouch with student, 1996

Professor David Crouch confers with student Rachel Whitehead during an Integrated Lab session analyzing the effect of reagent size on product stereochemistry on March 12, 1996.

Dairy farm field trip, 1992

An environmental studies class tours a mechanized dairy farm in 1992.

Dance class, 1975

Two students study lifting technique in a dance class in 1975.

Dance class, 1984

A ballet class in the Kline Center in February 1984

Dance class, 1991

A modern dance class on November 7, 1991.

Dance class, 1995

A class learns an African-style dance in 1995.

Barbara A. Diduk, 1983

Fine Arts professor Barbara Diduk assists a student in a ceramics class in 1983.

History class digs a trench, 1977

Professor Dennis Klinge' s history class on World War I digs a trench in 1977.

Dissection, c.1895

Biology students perform dissections while smoking pipes around 1895.

Dissection, c.1895

Several Biology students perform dissections around 1895.

Mara Donaldson, 1995

Professor Mara Donaldson teaches a religion class on the academic quad in May 1995. Denny Hall is visible in the background.

John W. Draper, 1971

Professor John Draper of the Spanish department hosts class on the grass of the academic quad, fall 1971.

Drawing Class

Students practice drawing a skeleton in Professor Davenny's class in the Weiss Center for the Arts on February 9, 1994.

Drawing class, 1994

Students practice drawing a cranium and torso in Professor Davenny's drawing class in the Weiss Center for the Arts on February 9, 1994.

Cyril W. Dwiggins, 1981

Philosohpy professor Cyril Dwiggins holds class outside on a March day in 1981.

Cyril W. Dwiggins teaching, 1989

Philosophy Professor Cyril W. Dwiggins leads a discussion in Memorial Hall on October 27, 1989.


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