Henry W. A. Hanson, 1981

Professor of Geology Henry Hanson helping a student in lab in 1981.

Henry L. Yeagley in the Bonisteel Planetarium, 1963

Professor Henry L. Yeagley with a class in the Bonisteel Planetarium in 1963. The planetarium was in the Tome Scientific Building.

Eugene W. Hickok, Jr., 1981

Political Science professor Gene Hickok teaching a Freshman seminar in 1981.

History class, 1952

Professor Whitfield Bell's American Cultural History class in spring 1952. Professor Bell is a member of the Class of 1935.

History class, c.1975

Professor Clarke Garrett (in rocker) conducts his history class around 1975.

History class, 1996

Visiting scholar from Cameroon Emmanuel Chiabi conducts his class, American History since 1865, on April 26, 1996.

Professor Hoefler teaching, 1992

Professor James Hoefler teaches a political science class in Denny Hall on April 10, 1992.

Grace L. Jarvis, 1984

Spanish and Italian professor Grace Jarvis and her class have a good laugh in 1984.

William B. Jeffries, c.1990

Biology professor Bill Jeffries helps a student with a lab involving baking bread, circa 1990.

Roberto A. Jimenez, c.1985

Roberto Jimenez, Professor of Spanish, holds class on the steps of Bosler Hall.

Dengjian Jin, c.2000

Professor of International Studies Dengjian Jin teaching.

Kline Center, Weiss Dance Studio, c.1980

A dance class in progress in the recently completed Weiss Dance Studio in the Kline Center.

John Mathias Kohlmeier III, 1999

DePaul University Professor John Mathias Kohlmeier III speaks in Memorial Hall to a combined class of policy studies and IB&M students on April 30, 1999. Kohlmeier, a member of the Class of 1956 and the Board of Trustees, discusses the role of information technology in today's economy.

Lab partners, c.1950

Anne Hollister, '54, and Andrew C. Lynch, Jr., '54, work together in a chemistry lab.

Lab partners

Two students perform a microscopy lab circa 1955.

Vincent A. LaFrance, c.1985

Economics professor Vincent LaFrance teaching, circa 1985.

Language Lab, 1992

Students practice a foreign language in the Language Lab on April 29, 1992.

Latin class, c.1945

Professor Arthur Bishop's Latin class, circa 1945.

Latin class, 1996

Professor Chris Francese conducts his Latin class on Cicero on October 9, 1996.

Students left to right: Molly Cummins; Link Henderson; Mike Stief

Kenneth L. Laws, 1986

Physics and Astronomy professor Ken Laws uses a real dancer to demonstrate the physics of dance during a class in 1986.

Priscilla W. Laws, 1983

Physics professor Priscilla Laws, on right, working on AtariLab field testing with two students as part of Introductory Physics Lab on November 22, 1983.

William B. Lindsay and Leroy McMaster, c.1900

Chemistry professor William Lindsay, on left, working in a laboratory with Leroy McMaster, member of the class of 1901 and Chemistry and Physics professor from 1901-1904.

Peter E. Martin, 1984

Professor of Mathematics Peter Martin holding class outside in the spring of 1984.

Mathematics class, c.1945

Professor Frank Ayres, Jr. teaching mathematics, circa 1945.

Mathematics class, c.1955

A mathematics professor and student discuss an equation in front of a class around 1955.


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