Physical Education

Aerobics class, 1983

Students participate in the Slimnastics class that was offered in the Kline during the 1982-1983 academic year.

Equestrian class, 1931

A women's physical education class using horses from Carlisle Barracks in 1931.

Standing in middle: Hazelle Allen '34, Wilhelmina LaBar '34

Physical education class for women, 1888

Female students lift weights in the first physical training class for women at Dickinson in 1888.

Self-defense clinic, 1974

Students and Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) cadets practice holds and moves taught to them by Pennsylvania state troopers during a self-defense clinic sponsored by the Ranger Club on February 18, 1974.

Tennis class, c.1985

Coach Wilbur Gobrecht (center) instructs a student on technique in a tennis class in the Kline Center around 1985.

Women's Archery, 1934

Winners of Archery Letters in 1934.

Women's Archery, c.1940

The women's archery team takes aim circa 1940.

Women's Archery Class, 1934

The women's archery class practices in 1934.

Women's physical education, 1888

Female students swing bowling pins in Dickinson's first women's physical education class.

Front row: Alice Kronenberg '89, Lenora Whiting '91, Wilhelmina Scarborough, Elizabeth Low '91

Middle row: Mary Himes '89 (non-grad), Jessica Longsdorf '91, Mary Curran '88...

Women's physical education class with poles, 1888

Female students participate in a physical education class involving manipulating poles.

Women's strength training, 1888

Female students train using weights in Dickinson's first women's physical education class in 1888.

Students by number: Mary Curran (#1), Mary Evans (#2), Sarah Yocum (#3), Elizabeth Low (#4), Wilhelmina Scarborough (#5), Alverda Yocum (#6), Hildegarde Longsdorf (#7), Jessica...

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