Longsdorff, Hildegarde H.

Female students, 1887

Female students pose for a photograph in 1887.

Back row: Jessica Longsdorff ('91), Mary Curran ('88), Zatae Longsdorff ('87), Anna Elizabeth Low ('91), and Lenora Whiting ('91).

Middle row: Hildegarde Longsdorff ('88), Mina Scarborough ('91), Elizabeth Bender ('88...

Female students, 1887

Female students at Dickinson College in 1887.

Front row: Sarah Gere Yacum ('91) and Alice Kronenberg ('89)

Middle row: Hildegarde H. Longsdorff  ('88), Wilhelmina Scarborough ('91), Elizabeth Ryan Bender ('88), Mary Evans  ('89), Mary Murray Himes ('89), and...

Zatae Longsdorff with sister, c.1875

Zatae Longsdorff (left) sits with her younger sister Hildegarde Longsdorff around 1875.

Hildegarde Longsdorff, c.1875

Portrait of Hildegarde H. Longsdorff (Class of 1888) around 1875.

Women's physical education, 1888

Female students swing bowling pins in Dickinson's first women's physical education class.

Front row: Alice Kronenberg '89, Lenora Whiting '91, Wilhelmina Scarborough, Elizabeth Low '91

Middle row: Mary Himes '89 (non-grad), Jessica Longsdorf '91, Mary Curran '88...

Women's strength training, 1888

Female students train using weights in Dickinson's first women's physical education class in 1888.

Students by number: Mary Curran (#1), Mary Evans (#2), Sarah Yocum (#3), Elizabeth Low (#4), Wilhelmina Scarborough (#5), Alverda Yocum (#6), Hildegarde Longsdorf (#7), Jessica...

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