Chemistry class

The class of 1893 sits in class in the chemical lecture room of Tome on May 20, 1892. While most students are men, several women sit in the back row.

Chemistry class, 1958

Professor Horace Rogers ('24) teaches a chemistry class in Althouse Hall in 1958.

Chemistry class, c.1960

View of Professor Horace Elton Rogers ('24) teaching a Chemistry class in Althouse around 1960.

Chemistry class outside, 1991

Chemistry Professor Cindy Samet ('83) lectures to her class on the front porch of Althouse Hall in April 1991.

Chemistry lab, c.1900

Two individuals, possibly students, perform a chemistry lab exercise in the Tome Scientific Building around 1900.

Chemistry lab, c.1945

View of students in a chemistry lab in Tome around 1945.

Chemistry lab, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers '24 (far left) supervises three students performing a chemistry lab in Tome. 

Second from left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr., '56.  Second from right: Barbara S. Allen, '56. 

Chemistry lab

A student performs a chemistry lab around 1970.

Chemistry lab, 1983

Phil Conrad, '85, (left) and another student perform a chemistry lab in spring 1983.

Chemistry lab in Tome, c.1890

View of a chemistry lab in the Tome Scientific Building with information about coal gas on the board. The handwritten caption on the photograph reads: "Lecture Table - Chemistry"

Chemistry professor and student, 1975

A chemistry professor observes an experiment with a student in 1975.

Chemistry research, 1958

Professor M. Benton Naff leads students in research using a hydrogenation apparatus in 1958.

Chemistry research project, 1960

Chemistry Professor M. Benton Naff supervises Fred Richardson ('61) and Bill Weigle ('62) as they work on a research project.

A contributor explains that this "photo was taken in the summer of 1960, when both Fred and Bill were working on a research project directed by Professor Naff and...

Chemistry student

A student pours a reagent into a beaker in a chemistry lab exercise around 1955.

Professor Crouch with student, 1996

Professor David Crouch confers with student Rachel Whitehead during an Integrated Lab session analyzing the effect of reagent size on product stereochemistry on March 12, 1996.

Discussing experimental results, c.1990

A chemistry professor discusses the results of an experiment with two students around 1990.

Experimental analysis, 1987

A chemistry professor and his students analyze the results of an experiment using a computer on February 4, 1987.

Scott T. Hill, 1984

Chemistry professor Scott Hill works with a student in a laboratory in 1984.

Lab partners, c.1950

Anne Hollister, '54, and Andrew C. Lynch, Jr., '54, work together in a chemistry lab.

William B. Lindsay and Leroy McMaster, c.1900

Chemistry professor William Lindsay, on left, working in a laboratory with Leroy McMaster, member of the class of 1901 and Chemistry and Physics professor from 1901-1904.

Observing an experiment, 1985

A student and her chemistry professor observe the color of her reaction in a lab exercise in September 1985.

pH laboratory exercise, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers (second from right) helps a student use a machine in a chemistry lab for determining pH around 1950.  Rogers is a member of the Class of 1924.

Far left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr.  (Class of 1956)

Second from left: Barbara S. Allen (Class of 1956...

Professor Roper's office, c.1980

Two students consult on an assignment in Professor Gerald Roper's office circa 1980.

Spectrophotometry, 1999

Students in a chemistry lab session perform spectrophotometry on a sample on February 5, 1999.

William W. Vernon, c.1960

Professor of Geology, Chemistry, and Anthropology William W. Vernon working with a student by a microscope.


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