Rogers, Horace Elton

George W. Beadle, Priestley Award, 1967

George W. Beadle (second from right) receives the Priestley Award from President Howard Rubendall ('31) for his work in genetics and cytology on March 15, 1967. 

Far left: Professor Horace Rogers ('24).  Far right: Professor William B. Jeffries.

Chemistry class, 1958

Professor Horace Rogers ('24) teaches a chemistry class in Althouse Hall in 1958.

Chemistry class, c.1960

View of Professor Horace Elton Rogers ('24) teaching a Chemistry class in Althouse around 1960.

Chemistry lab, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers '24 (far left) supervises three students performing a chemistry lab in Tome. 

Second from left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr., '56.  Second from right: Barbara S. Allen, '56. 

Honorary Degree recipients, 1964

A group shot inside of Old West of the honorary degree recipients and their sponsors at Commencement on June 7, 1964. 

Seated from left to right: Charles Law McCabe, C.D. Jackson, Marchette Chute, President Howard L. Rubendall, Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., Bishop Newel Snow Booth, and...

Benjamin D. James Chairing Ceremony, 1956

Professor Benjamin D. James ('34) is installed as the Richard V. C. Watkins Professor of Psychology and Education on February 19, 1957.  The professors holding the chair from left to right are Donald Graffam, Horace Rogers ('24), George Shuman, Cliff Mayfield, and Charles Peterson. 

pH laboratory exercise, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers (second from right) helps a student use a machine in a chemistry lab for determining pH around 1950.  Rogers is a member of the Class of 1924.

Far left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr.  (Class of 1956)

Second from left: Barbara S. Allen (Class of 1956...

Kenneth Pitzer, Priestley Award, 1963

Dr. Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer receives the Priestley Award on March 14, 1963. 

Second from left: Professor Horace Rogers.  Third from left: President Howard Rubendall ('31).

Horace E. Rogers, c.1930

Chemistry professor and member of the class of 1924 Horace Rogers around 1930.

Horace E. Rogers, c.1960

Chemistry Professor Horace Rogers is a member of the class of 1924.

Horace E. Rogers, c.1960

Chemistry Professor Horace E. Rogers is a member of the class of 1924.

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