East College, c.1985

View of a class on the Academic quad outside East College around 1985.

Economics class, c.1990

View of an economics class in Denny Hall around 1990.

Beverly Eddy, 1984

Professor of German Beverly Eddy leads a class.

Electronic Language Laboratory in Tome, c.1960

Professor of Modern Languages Wright Kirk and Micheline Ricois (a Fulbright scholar from France) teach a class in the Electronic Language Laboratory around 1960. This classroom was located in the Tome Scientific Building.

Kjell I. Enge, 1984

Anthropology professor Kjell Enge during a class located in the basement of Denny Hall in October 1984.

Kjell I. Enge, 1984

Anthropology professor Kjell Enge during a class located in the basement of Denny Hall in October 1984.

English class, 1996

Professor Carol Ann Johnston conducts an English class on April 10, 1996.

Environmental science field trip, 1990

An environmental science class collects stream samples while on a field trip on April 27, 1990.

Environmental studies class, 1975

An environmental studies class observes bankside pollution on a field trip in 1975.

Equestrian class, 1931

A women's physical education class using horses from Carlisle Barracks in 1931.

Standing in middle: Hazelle Allen '34, Wilhelmina LaBar '34

Examining a specimen

Two biology students observe a specimen in a glass jar around 1955.

Experimental analysis, 1987

A chemistry professor and his students analyze the results of an experiment using a computer on February 4, 1987.

Amy E. Farrell, c.1995

American Studies professor Amy Farrell in class around 1995.

Female students performing science experiment, 1889

Four female students perform a science experiment in Tome in 1889.  The woman second from the left is Mary Himes ('89).

First-year seminar, 2001

A first-year seminar meets on the upper level of the Waidner-Spahr Library in 2001.

To speaker's left: Joseph Meryl, Joshua Etterman, Joseph Funkhouser, Natalie Rinn

To speaker's right: Sarah Hyslop

First-year seminar builds house, 1995

Professor Hans Pfister's first-year seminar builds a model house on November 15, 1995.  (Prof. Pfister is standing inside the structure)

Forensics lab, 1996

Students in a science lab investigate a constructed murder scene in March 1996.

French class, 1995

Professor Michael Kline's French class in spring 1995.

French class, 1995

Professor Michael Kline conducts a French class in spring 1995.

Freshman seminar class, 1984

Professor Nancy Mellerski's freshman seminar class in November 1984.

George Friedman, 1984

Professor of Political Science George Friedman teaching a class in the Union Philosophical Society Hall in Denny Hall in October 1984.

Geology class, 1958

Instructor Bill Vernon's geology class in Althouse Hall in fall 1958.

Geology field trip, 1995

Professor Marcus Key (far left) conducts his geology class on a trip to Gettysburg battlefield in spring 1995.

Geology Lab, c.1975

Students in Professor William Vernon's mineralogy class observe different types of minerals using microscopes.

Donald T. Graffam, c.1955

Donald Turner, Psychology and Education Professor, second from left in back, with students around a table.


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