Osborne, John M.

Faculty at Convocation, 1999

Panoramic view faculty and administrators sitting at Convocation on August 31, 1999.

Faculty and college administrations sitting in the front row include Classical Studies Professor Christopher Francese, History Professor John Osborne, Bob Massa, and Joyce Bylander.

Milton E. Flower, c.1980

Retired Fine Arts and Political Science Professor Milton Flower ('31), in center, with History professor John Osborne, standing on right, and others in the May Morris Room of the Spahr Library around 1980.

History Department, 1980

Members of the History Department during the 1979-1980 academic year.

Standing, left to right: Warren Gates ; John Osborne ; Stephen Weinberger ; James Carson ; Neil Weissman ; Clarke Garrett ; George Rhyne

Seated, left to right: Joseph Escovitz ; Richard Pfau

History seminar at Homecoming, 1997

John Osborne, associate professor of history, with Joseph Gaskin '74 (far right) and a friend at "The Classroom - Old and New, Blending the Traditional and Non-traditional" Seminar during Homecoming weekend in fall 1997. History professor Daniel Richter is on the far left.

Men's Soccer Coaches, 1985

The 1985 soccer coaches, Bill Nickey (left) and History Professor John Osborne.

Men's Soccer Team, 1981

The Men's Soccer team in 1981. History Professor John Osborne is the coach.

Men's Soccer Team, 1983

The 1983 soccer team.

Front Row (left to right): Paul Wenninger, Jay Bienkowski, John Collins, David Cushman.

Second Row: Jim Berkovich, Steve Eisenhardt, Mike Eisenhardt, John Erly, Jim Edison, Mark Henning, Kiran Kapur, Jonathon Sloan, John Williams, John Rhyne...

Men's Soccer Team, 1984

The 1984 Men's Soccer team.

Front Row (left to right): Mike Ertel, Mark Eisenhardt, Paul Wenninger, James Berkovich, John Collins, David  Cushman, John Erly, Jay Bienkowski, John Malloy, John Szakats, Steve Eisenhardt, Joe Bergman.

Second Row: Coach John Osborne,...

Men's Soccer Team, 1987

The 1987 soccer team.

Front Row (left to right): Ralph Marshall, John Bidwell, Paul Reiss, Chris Jahnke, Greg Morris, Bryan Fiedler, Chris Hawthorne, Scott Reed, Rob Haladay, Fernando Giaccamini.

Second Row: Coach John Osborne, Steve Wittlinger, John Jones, Glenn...

Men's Soccer Team, 1987

Players Bryan Fiedler (left) and Greg Morris (right) with Coach John Osborn in 1987.

Men's Soccer Team, 1988

The 1988 Men's Soccer team takes a team photo.

First Row (left to right): Ralph Marshall, Mike Gregson, John Bidwell, Scott Walsh, Pete Mandell, Paul Reiss, Jeff Parnell, Eric Hamburger.

Second Row: Assistant Coach Peter Dundas, Brad Hofler, Randy...

Men's Soccer Team, 1989

Several members of the Men's Soccer Team in 1989

Left to Right: Captain Jim Craven, Coach John Osborne, and Captain Glenn Whitman.

Men's Soccer Team, 1989

The 1989 Men's Soccer team.

First Row (left to right): Bill Lenz, Chris Brena, Scott Walsh, Glebb Whitman, Jeff Parnell, Eric Hamburger, Nils Hahnfeld.

Second Row: Coach John Osborne, Jeff Bell, Dave Lashway, Ted Ricciardella, Randy Levine, Jim Craven, Brad...

Men's Soccer Team, 1990

The Men's Soccer team in 1990. History Professor John Osborne is the coach.

Men's Soccer Team, 1991

The Men's Soccer team with Coach John Osborne (far left) in 1991.

John M. Osborne, 1984

View as History professor John Osborne teaches a class in 1984.

John M. Osborne, 1991

History professor and men's soccer coach John Osborne in 1991.

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