Weinberger, Stephen

History Department, 1980

Members of the History Department during the 1979-1980 academic year.

Standing, left to right: Warren Gates ; John Osborne ; Stephen Weinberger ; James Carson ; Neil Weissman ; Clarke Garrett ; George Rhyne

Seated, left to right: Joseph Escovitz ; Richard Pfau

Two History Professors, 1981

History Professors Warren J. Gates (left) and Stephen Weinberger in 1981.

Stephen Weinberger, c.1980

Professor of History Stephen Weinberger with a coffee mug in Denny Hall around 1980.

Stephen Weinberger, c.1980

View as history Professor Stephen Weinberger and department secretary Gladys Cashman talk in an office around 1980.

Stephen Weinberger, 1983

History Professor Stephen Weinberger sits in his office in June 1983.

Stephen Weinberger, 1990

Professor Stephen Weinberger lectures during a history class in September 1990.

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