Parnell, Jeff

Men's Soccer Team, 1988

The 1988 Men's Soccer team takes a team photo.

First Row (left to right): Ralph Marshall, Mike Gregson, John Bidwell, Scott Walsh, Pete Mandell, Paul Reiss, Jeff Parnell, Eric Hamburger.

Second Row: Assistant Coach Peter Dundas, Brad Hofler, Randy...

Men's Soccer Team, 1989

The 1989 Men's Soccer team.

First Row (left to right): Bill Lenz, Chris Brena, Scott Walsh, Glebb Whitman, Jeff Parnell, Eric Hamburger, Nils Hahnfeld.

Second Row: Coach John Osborne, Jeff Bell, Dave Lashway, Ted Ricciardella, Randy Levine, Jim Craven, Brad...

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