Bosler Hall, the Learning Center, c.1970

View of a class in the Learning Center, located in Bosler Hall.

See the November 6, 1970 issue of the Dickinsonian for more information.

Professor Donald Bowie's English class, 1984

Professor Donald Bowie teaches an English class in room 317 of Denny in 1984.

Robert J. Boyle, 1983

Robert Boyle, Professor of Physics, standing, points something out to students in class.

Wallace S. Broecker in a class, 1990

Wallace S. Broecker, 1990 recipient of the Priestley Award, lectures to a class while at Dickinson.

Business class

Professor Bollinger leads a business class in a discussion in April 1996.

Ron Callan, 1991

English professor Ron Callan leads a discussion on February 6, 1991.

Ceramics class, c.1980

Members of a ceramics class shape and fire pottery around 1980.

Chemistry class

The class of 1893 sits in class in the chemical lecture room of Tome on May 20, 1892. While most students are men, several women sit in the back row.

Chemistry class, 1958

Professor Horace Rogers ('24) teaches a chemistry class in Althouse Hall in 1958.

Chemistry class outside, 1991

Chemistry Professor Cindy Samet ('83) lectures to her class on the front porch of Althouse Hall in April 1991.

Chemistry lab, c.1945

View of students in a chemistry lab in Tome around 1945.

Chemistry lab, c.1950

Dr. Horace E. Rogers '24 (far left) supervises three students performing a chemistry lab in Tome. 

Second from left: Bayard W. Allmond, Jr., '56.  Second from right: Barbara S. Allen, '56. 

Chemistry lab

A student performs a chemistry lab around 1970.

Chemistry lab, 1983

Phil Conrad, '85, (left) and another student perform a chemistry lab in spring 1983.

Chinese class

A professor leads a Chinese class in Denny Hall on November 5, 1991.

Class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

A professor teaches a small class at the Dickinson Center in Bologna.

Class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

Students sit and take notes while attending a class in the Dickinson Center in Bologna in April 1994.

Class at the Dickinson Center, 1994

A class in the main classroom at the Dickinson Center in Bologna.

Class in Baird Biology Building, c.1950

Students during a class in Baird Biology Building around 1950.

Class in Baltimore, 1996

An American Studies class listens to its professor on a field trip in Baltimore.

Class in Denny Hall, c.1945

View of a class on the 2nd floor of Denny Hall facing W. High Street.

Class in the May Morris Room, 1981

Students in a class held in the May Morris Room in May 1981. College Archivist Martha Slotten and Professor of Music Truman C. Bullard are standing under the portrait. The May Morris Room serves as the reading room for the and is located in the Boyd Lee Spahr Library

Class in the Union Philosophical Society Hall, c.1985

View of a class in the Union Philosophical Society Hall around 1985. This room is on the third floor of Denny Hall.

Class meeting outside, 1990

Professor Robert Paul's class meets outside on the academic quad around the flag pole in 1990.

Class on Academic Quad, c.1985

Panoramic view of a class sitting on the Academic Quad around 1985. Old West is in the background.


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