Urich, Gerald

Football Team, 1971

The 1971 Dickinson College Red Devil Football Team poses for a photograph.

First row: Robert Jackson, James Slobozien, Craig Walter, William Stambaugh, Glenn Boye, Edward Dana, Donald Caccia, Methesulah Bradley, George F. "Nick" Boyer

Second row: Albert Heusner,...

Football Team, 1972

The football team of 1972 poses for their team picture.

First row: David Hamilton, Alan Jackson, Dennis Fortune, Albert Heusner, Donald Rose, Robert Crobak, Thomas Beck (co-captain), William Stabert, James Slobozien (co-captain), Mark Lipstein

Football Team, 1973

The 1973 football team.

First row: Mark Holencik, Gerald Urich, John Colburn, Peter Moyes, Jeffrey Truskey, Eugene Sienkiewicz, William Stabert, Gary Williams, James Newcomer, Christopher Fleming

Second row: William Thomas,...

Football Team, 1974

The 1974 football team poses for a picture.

First row: Joseph Brennan, Brian Pirilla, Gerald Urich (Tri-Captain), James Newcomer (Tri-Captain), Christopher Fleming (Tri-Captain), Herman Wisdom, Robert Booz, Mark Holencik, Gregory Alex


Raven's Claw, 1975

Members of Raven's Claw class of 1975.

Back Row: Christopher R. Bechtle ; Val Marcy ; Michael McNulty ; Gerald Urich

Front Row: David Ruegg ; William Connell ; Mark Betts

Raven's Claw donation, 1996

Representatives of Raven's Claw present a check for their two-hundred thousand dollar donation to Dickinson during Homecoming weekend in fall 1996.

Left to Right: Ben James '34, President A. Lee Fritschler, Gerald Urich '75, Tony Cappello '43

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