Field Hockey

Alumni Field Hockey team at Homecoming, 1991

The Alumni Field Hockey team celebrates together at Homecoming weekend in October 1991.

Pam Woodcock ('91) is third from left in front. 

Field Hockey Co-Captains, c.1985

The team's co-captains, Sonya Church and Kristyn Lortz, pose for a photo together around 1985.

Field Hockey game, c.1965

The field hockey team in action in fall 1965. 

Field Hockey game, c.1965

The field hockey team takes a photo before a game in around 1965.

Field Hockey game, c.1970

The Dickinson field hockey team plays against a rival team around 1970.

Field Hockey game, c.1980

The field hockey team plays a game against another team around 1980.

Field Hockey game, c.1990

The coach directs her players during a game around 1990.

Field Hockey game, c.1990

Several Dickinson players pose for a picture at a game around 1990.

Field Hockey game, 1994

Teammates share a victory high-five over a goal during a game in 1994. 

Field hockey player, c.1984

Winslow Bouscaren ('84) sits on the field and ices her shin. 

Field Hockey practice, c.1975

A student practices her skills during team practice around 1975.

Field Hockey Team, 1935

Dickinson's field hockey team, who win the Hockey Cup during the 1935 season.

Field Hockey Team, 1952

The seniors and sophomores of the field hockey team go head to head in 1952. At the end, the game is tied 0-0.

Field Hockey Team, 1959

Several members of the varsity field hockey team pose for a group shot in 1959.

Left to Right: Lois Mecum, Jane Neuber, Dougie Rice, Mary Fischer, Faith Chambers, Betsy Wylie, Barbara Fogg, G. McConnell, B. Green, S. Pastore.

Field Hockey Team, 1961

The field hockey team in 1961.

Filed Hockey Team, 1962

The 1962 field hockey team poses for a group photo.

Filed Hockey Team, 1981

The Field Hockey team sits for a group photo in 1981.

Field Hockey Team, c.1985

The Field Hockey team sits for a group photo.

Row 1: Stacey Wittmeyer, Kristyn Lortz, Lynn Kiesel

Row 2: Kristen Lorelli, Kathleen DeSchamp, Denise Stockwell, Megan Thomas, Carolyn Meno, Sally Flynn, Karen Paton, Sonya Church

Row 3: Coach Carol Cox...

Field Hockey Team, 1988

The Field Hockey team takes a team photo with Coach Eileen Sharp in 1988.

Field Hockey Team, c.1990

The team gets creative with their pose for their  team photo.

Field Hockey Team c.1990

The team shows some school spirit with their "Go Red Devil" Field Hockey banner.

Field Hockey Team, 1999

The team poses for a photo in 1999.

Field Hockey Team Captains, 1988

The 1988 team co-captains, Amy James and Lisa Mills.

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