1984 Senior Slideshow

Baseball player, c.1984

A baseball player practices in the sunshine. 

Baseball players, c.1984

Robert "Bip" Berlin sits on a bench with several other baseball players during a game.

Blues Brothers, c.1984

Two male students dress up as the Blues Brothers and pose.

Campus gathering on Morgan field, c.1984

Students sit on Morgan field for an event.

Casual party, c.1984

Four friends smile at a party.

Circle of friends, c.1984

A group of nine students smile.

Costume party, c.1984

Three students in silly costumes sit on a couch.

Dorm room, c.1984

Four female students smile for a photo in a residence hall. 

Field hockey player, c.1984

Winslow Bouscaren ('84) sits on the field and ices her shin. 

Four friends smile, c.1984

Four students sit on a couch and smile for the camera.

Four students smile, c.1984

Four female students smile. 

Friends and balloons, c.1984

View of students at an event on Morgan field.

Friends in the sun, c.1984

Two students lounge in the sun with towels. 

Friends in the sun, c.1984

The sun shines as five friends smile and pose for a picture.

Friends outside, c.1984

Several students outside on a beautiful day.

Friends smile, c.1984

Two students smile, each wearing Gamma Phi Beta letters.

Funny faces, c.1984

A group of six makes silly faces at the camera.

Group at a party, c.1984

Nine well-dressed students laugh and smile in a group photo.

Group of students, c.1984

Six students in front of a hanging tapestry.

Group photo, c.1984

A large, well-dressed group poses for a photo.

Hallway poses, c.1984

Four students pose in a narrow hallway.

Hallway push-up, c.1984

A student does a push-up in a dorm hallway.

Jamming, c.1984

Several students play guitar.

Lacrosse players after a game, c.1984

Three female lacrosse players hold roses after a game.

Left to Right: Jennifer Deberdine ; Meg Hutchinson ; Winslow Bouscaren

Leaf throwing, c.1984

Two friends laugh and throw leaves into the air.


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