Chapel Choir, 1976

The Dickinson Chapel Choir during the 1975-1976 academic year outside Allison United Methodist Church.

Back row: Doug Hall, Sue Neilly, Paula Desch, Greg Elbin, Bob Pfielsticker, David Riland, Barbara Chaapel, Mike Lowry

Middle row: Jon Barnhart, Jean Kinson,...

Frederick J. Charley, 1978

View of Frederick "Fred" Charley (Class of 1938) and his wife Lib Charley at the Great Wall of China on August 25, 1978.

Cheerleader, c.1970

Cheerleader Debbie Morese '73 interacts with the crowd at a football game.

Chemistry lab

A student performs a chemistry lab around 1970.

Chemistry professor and student, 1975

A chemistry professor observes an experiment with a student in 1975.

Robert W. Chilton, c.1970

Trustee Robert W. Chilton is a member of the Class of 1938.

Dorothy H. Cieslicki, c.1975

Librarian Dorothy Cieslicki, circa 1975.

Dorothy H. Cieslicki, c.1975

Librarian Dorothy Cieslicki helps a student.

Class of 1910 Sixtieth Reunion

Sixty years after graduating, the Class of 1910 pause for a photograph during Alumni Weekend in 1970.

L to R:  Henry Logan, Marjorie McIntire, Mrs. Ledden, Grace Filler, Earl Ledden, Lydia Gooding, Charles Kelbaugh.

Class of 1915 Gateway, c.1975

View of the Class of 1915 Gateway and the President's House around 1975.

Class of 1915 Gateway, c.1975

View of the Class of 1915 Gateway and the President's House after a snowstorm around 1975.

Class of 1916

Six members of the Class of 1916 represent their class during Alumni Weekend in 1971.  They are celebrating their Fifty-fifth Reunion.

Class of 1919 at Alumni Weekend

Members of the Class of 1919 attended their Fifty-fifth Reunion during Alumni Weekend in 1974.

Class of 1920 reunion, 1970

Members of the Class of 1920 pose for a group photo at their fiftieth reunion in May 1970.

Class of 1929 Fifty Years later

Class of 1929 at their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  C. Richard Brandt, Paul A. Friedrich, C. Perry Cleaver, John Watson Pedlow, Donald B. Waltman, Marie I. Ammon-Timmins, Harold C. Koch, Vincent William Cartusciello (Carty), Elizabeth W. Pedlow-Maginnis, George J. Patterson, Nathan...

Classroom in Reed Hall, c.1970

View of a classroom in Reed Hall right before a renovation project around 1970.

The caption reads: "The only classroom in Reed Hall"

Dennis J. Clive, c.1975

Fine Arts professor Dennis Clive, circa 1975.

Dennis J. Clive, c.1975

Dennis Clive, Professor of Fine Arts, with a slide projector.

Combined Collegium and Choir concert, 1973

Professor Truman Bullard reads a message in French at the combined concert of Collegium Musicum and the Chamber Choir for the World Premiere of composer Darius Milhaud's Promesse de Dieu.

Performing in the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium on May 19, 1973:

Back Row:...

Commencement, 1970

President Howard Lane Rubendall (left) talks with Thomas Hecker (center), and Professor Paul Kaylor at Commencement on May 24, 1970

Commencement, 1971

A group of students sit during Commencement exercises on May 23, 1971.

Commencement, 1971

A student walks out of Old West and receives their diploma during Commencement on May 23, 1971.

President Howard Rubendall is standing with other faculty on left and is closest to the audience.

Commencement, 1976

President Samuel Banks stands at the podium at Commencement on May 16, 1976.

Commencement, 1978

President Samuel Banks (right) stands with trustee Samuel Witwer (Class of 1930) and honorary degree recipient Walter J. Podbielniak in Memorial Hall inside Old West at Commencement on May 21, 1978.

Commencement Set-Up, 1979

Three men carry out the diplomas before Commencement on May 20, 1979.


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