Lacrosse (Men's)

Four Lacrosse Players, 1958

Men's Lacrosse Players, Don O'Neill, Sam Rose, Harvey Bair, and Frank Trunzo pose for a photo in April 1958.

Standing, Left to Right: O'Neill ; Rose 

John Freedman, 1992

John Freedman, the 1992 Men's Lacrosse Captain, stands in the Kline Center.

Brian Greenberg, 1975

Brian Greenberg, the Men's Lacrosse Team captain, in 1975.

Lacrosse game vs. Gettysburg, 1959

The Dickinson lacrosse traveled to Gettysburg College for its second game of the season on April 15, 1959. Dickinson lost the game, 12-6.

Lacrosse game, Dickinson vs. Franklin & Marshall, 1958

View of a Lacrosse game against Franklin & Marshall at Biddle field in April 1958.

Men's Lacrosse Action Shot, 1958

Don O'Neill goes in for a jump shot in 1958.

Men's Lacrosse Captain, 1962

View of Jim Patterson, the Men's Lacrosse Captain, during a lacrosse game in 1962.

Men's Lacrosse Captains, 1981

Men's Lacrosse Captains Krister Hjelm and Peter Resch pose for a picture in spring 1981.

Men's Lacrosse Captains, 1983

Men's Lacrosse Captains Dean Trevlyn, Charles "Chip" Phillips, and Joe Cimino pose for a picture in 1983.

Men's Lacrosse Co-Captains, 1964

Co-Captains Douglas R. McPherson and Michael R. Rapuano stand with Coach W. J. Gobrecht in 1964.

Men's Lacrosse Co-Captains, 1965

Captains Larry Bayley and Scott Fosler for a picture in 1965.

Men's Lacrosse Coach with Captain, 1967

Coach W. J. Gobrecht speaking with captain, Allen MacPhail in 1967.

Men's Lacrosse Coach with Captains, 1958

Men's Lacrosse Coach Charles Ream holds National Championship with Captains Don O'Neill, Sam Rose, John Stafford in 1958.

Left to Right: O'Neill ; Coach Ream ; Rose ; Stafford 

Men's Lacrosse Coaches and Captain, 1989

Men's Lacrosse Captain John Devlin stands with Coaches Wilbur J. Gobrecht (left) and Dave Breschi (right) in 1989.

Men's Lacrosse game, 1964

Michael Rapuano plays defense against an opponent during a lacrosse game in spring 1964.

Men's Lacrosse game, c.1980

Dickinson Lacrosse players fight for a groundball during a game around 1980.

Men's Lacrosse game, 1982

Men's Lacrosse players John Kein and Clelland Green play defense during a game against Swarthmore in spring 1982.

Men's Lacrosse game, 1988

View of a Men's Lacrosse game against Drew University in 1988.

Men's Lacrosse game, 1995

Men's Lacrosse Player #27 "Walks the Dog" in a game against Scranton in spring 1995.

Men's Lacrosse game vs. Widener, 1986

Men's Lacrosse players battle during a game against Widener for a ground ball in spring 1986.

Men's Lacrosse Player Scoring Goal, 1963

A lacrosse player scores a goal in 1963.

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1950

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1950.

First Row: Robert G. Hopson - Captain, Albert M. Colwell Jr., Richard M. Klein, Joseph R. Embery III, Martin T. Lewis, Thomas L. Carey, Ronald Goldberg

Second Row: Henry C. Engel Jr., Theodore L. Miller, Nelson M. Chitterling,...

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1951

The 1951 Men's Lacrosse team.

First: Richard M. Klein, Anthony J. Pileggi, Jr., Ronald Goldberg, Edward N. "Ted" Adourian, Thomas L. Carey, S. George Rhood, John T. Shehan, and Theodore L. Miller

Second: Head Coach Francis W. Warlow, Martin T. Lewis, Walter E. "...

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1952

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1952.

First Row: Head Coach Francis W. Warlow, Walter E. Munns, William B. Suter, Ronald L. McGowan, John C. Smith, Howard L. Robins, Arthur S. Thomas - Manager

Second Row: Earl V. Lynam, John A. Yoder, S. George Rhood, Anthony J....

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1954

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1954.

First Row: Donald D. Moyer - Manager, Grey F. Rolland, Joseph R. Embery III, Gordon L. Haney, Gerald Kress, Donald H. Stromberg, Richard L. Graham, Ronald Goldberg, Lawrence A. Baner Jr.

Second Row: Dean Bennett Jr., David H....


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