W. Frank Blair, Priestley Award, 1977

W. Frank Blair (right), 1977 Priestley Award recipient, with President Samuel Banks.

Blocking a Shot, c.1975

A Dickinson women's basketball player, in white, blocks an opponent's shot during a game around 1975.

Harry F. Booth, c.1975

Harry Booth, Professor of Religion, shares a light moment with students, around 1975.

Harry F. Booth, c.1975

Professor of Religion Harry Booth.

Bosler Hall, the Learning Center, c.1970

View of a class in the Learning Center, located in Bosler Hall.

See the November 6, 1970 issue of the Dickinsonian for more information.

William R. Bowden, 1975

English professor William Bowden in 1975.

William R. Bowden, c.1975

Professor William Bowden of the English department, on left, speaks with students, circa 1975.

Dorothy W. Bowers, 1970

Librarian Dorothy Bowers laughing at her desk in 1970.

Dorothy W. Bowers, c.1970

Librarian Dorothy Bowers speaks with students in Spahr Library around 1970.

Boyd Lee Spahr Library, 1970

View of Boyd Lee Spahr Library from W. High Street in 1970.

Caroline H. Bruzelius, 1978

Professor of Fine Arts Caroline Bruzelius.

Caroline H. Bruzelius, 1978

A big smile from Fine Arts professor Caroline Bruzelius.

Beth A. Bullard, c.1975

Music professor Beth Bullard playing her flute.

John Cage, Arts Award, 1970

1970 Arts Award recipient John Cage examines a piano with Professor Malcolm Goldstein of the Dickinson Music Department.

John Cage, Arts Award, 1970

Composer John Cage receives the Arts Award from President Howard Rubendall in 1970.

Francis P. Cavanaugh, Jr., c.1975

Captain Francis Cavanaugh, Professor of Military Science.

Robert W. Cavenagh, Jr., 1979

Professor of Fine Arts and Director of Instructional Media Robert Cavenagh, Jr. screen prints a Three Mile Island t-shirt after the March 1979 nuclear crisis.

Chamber Choir, 1970

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir  after their spring concert in 1970.

Standing: Nancy Johnson, Mark Weir, C. Lu Conser, David Llewellyn, Barbara West, Joseph Sobel, Mary Somerville, Richard  Kittel, Thomas James, Penny Gilmour, John Miller, John Cotter.


Chamber Choir, 1972

View of the Chamber Choir in front of Witwer Hall in spring 1972.

Chamber Choir, 1973

The Chamber Choir in Allison Church on Baccalaureate Sunday on May 20, 1973.

Chamber Choir, 1977

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir stand outside Allison United Methodist Church during the 1976-1977 academic year.

Third Row: David Riland, Kevin McKeegan, David Robinson, Nicholas Xenos, Robert Pfielsticker, (DLS) Jane Riesenberger, Jason Moriarty, Gina Psaki.


Chamber Choir, 1978

The Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1977-1978 academic year. 

Front Row: Karen Tubyfill, Debbie Cieslik, Joan Ragno, Professor Truman Bullard (Director), Cindy Marione, Mary Lin, Catherine Merlo

Second Row: David Riland, James Bobb, Leslie Brecknell,...

Chamber Choir, 1979

View of the Dickinson College Chamber Choir during the 1978-1979 academic year. 

Standing L-R: Gregory Weaver, James Bobb, Susan McElfish, Joanne Fritz, John Petrie, Lisa Pawelski, Jonathan Simmons, Cathy Schwab, Roberta Bailey, Jeffrey Kimmel, Stuart Dodd, Peggy Dozois, Nicholas...

Chamber Choir, 1979

The Dickinson Chamber Choir in fall 1979.

Front Row, L to R: Kevin Johnson, Barbara Dobbs, [first name unknown] Johnston, Meg Lippy, Professor Glen Gould, Mark Ward, [unknown].

Mid Row: Roberta Bailey, Leslie Brecknell, Mary Lin, Tammy Nestuk, David Alterman,...

Chapel Choir, 1975

The Dickinson College Chapel Choir of 1974-1975 poses for a group photograph outside outside of Allison United Methodist Church.

Front row, from left to right: Cindy Marinne, Carolyn Wentworth, Professor Truman C. Bullard, Mary Classpol, Jean Kinson, Sue Neilly, and Barbara...


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