Band at Homecoming game, 1952

View as the band performs on Biddle field during half time at the Homecoming game against Gettysburg on November 8, 1952. A group of cheerleaders are visible on the sideline. 

Cheerleader, c.1970

Cheerleader Debbie Morese '73 interacts with the crowd at a football game.

Cheerleader with Mermaid, c.1950

View as Joanne Neilson (Class of 1955) holds the Mermaid during an athletic event, possibly on Biddle field, around 1950.

Cheerleaders, c.1950

Five cheerleaders pose around 1950.


Dickinson's cheerleading team poses atop a limestone wall in September 1963.


Cheerleaders rally up some spirit during a football game at Biddle field in fall 1988.

Cheerleaders at Basketball game, 1983

The Cheerleading team performs at a basketball game in 1983.

Cheerleaders at Homecoming football game, 1952

A crowd watches cheerleaders perform during the Homecoming game at Biddle field against Gettysburg College on November 8, 1952.

Cheerleaders chatting at a game, 1958

Cheerleaders mill around with the Red Devil mascot at a football game in fall 1958.

Cheerleading, 1923

The cheerleaders rile up the crowd at a football game in fall 1923.

Cheerleading team, 1985

The 1984-1985 Cheerleading team poses in uniform. The Kline Center is in the background.


The cheerleading team tosses one of its members into the air during a football game at Biddle field in fall 1995.

Engaging the stands, 1981

Cheerleaders toss toy footballs into the stands during a football game at Biddle field in fall 1981.

Football game, c.1993

Four friends from the Class of 1993 smile during a Dickinson football game at Biddle field.

Left to Right: Pamela Byron ; Katherine Volkmer ; Angela Arnold ; Liselotte Hommen

Half-time, 1923

Cheerleaders form a "D" at half-time during the football game against Albright College in fall 1923.

Homecoming buffet, c.1950

Homecoming buffet featuring a swan ice sculpture with three cheerleaders in front of it.

Human bridge, 1980

Cheerleaders form a human bridge at a basketball game during the 1979-1980 season.

Elise Lester, c.1970

Elise Lester '72 performs a jump in her cheerleading uniform.

Riling the crowd, 1983

The cheerleading team works the crowd in the Biddle Field stands at a football game in fall 1983.

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