Kline Center dedication ceremony, 1980

President Sam A. Banks, Joseph T. Simpson, Daniel F. Tully, and trustee William S. Masland revealing the plaque for the Kline Life/Sports Learning Center on October 25, 1980.

Kline Center groundbreaking ceremony, 1979

View of the Kline Center groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, May 18, 1979.

This photo features President Banks, outgoing President of the Board of Trustees Samuel W. Witwer ('30), as well as Chairman of the Special Planning Committee and incoming President of the Board of Trustees William...

Sidney Delong Kline, c.1950

Sidney Delong Kline is a college trustee and a member of the Class of 1924.

Sidney D. Kline Jr., c.1980

Trustee Sidney DeLong Kline Jr. is a member of the Class of 1954.

Sidney D. Kline Jr., c.1990

Trustee Sidney DeLong Kline Jr. (right) and President Fritschler stand in a doorway around 1990. Kline is a member of the Class of 1954.

Sidney D. Kline Jr., 1994

President of the Board of Trustees Sidney DeLong Kline Jr. (Class of 1954) sits for a photo in February 1994.

John Mathias Kohlmeier III, 1999

DePaul University Professor John Mathias Kohlmeier III speaks in Memorial Hall to a combined class of policy studies and IB&M students on April 30, 1999. Kohlmeier, a member of the Class of 1956 and the Board of Trustees, discusses the role of information technology in today's economy.

Roy Raymond Kuebler, 1963

Alumni trustee Dr. Roy Raymond Kuebler, a member of the Class of 1933, speaks at an event in June 1963.

Merkel Landis, 1930

Merkel Landis is a member of the Class of 1896. He also serves on the Dickinson College Board of Trustees beginning in 1930.

Henry Logan, c.1970

Trustee Henry Logan is a member of the Class of 1910. 

John Wesley Lord, c.1970

Trustee John Wesley Lord is a member of the Class of 1927

Frank Elmer Masland, Jr., 1952

Trustee Frank Elmer Masland, Jr., a member of the Class of 1918, at an event in 1952.

Left to Right: Sir Robert Chance of Carlisle, England ; Pennsylvania Governor John S. Fine ; Mrs. Chance ; Frank Masland ; President William Edel

McKenney Hall dedication, 1973

Mr. W. Gibbs McKenney ('39) and his wife Florence Rea McKenney stand in the courtyard of the newly finished McKenney Hall during the dedication ceremony on October 13, 1973. President Howard Rubendall ('31), who presided over the event, stands to the left.

Walter Gibbs McKenney Jr., c.1960

Trustee Walter Gibbs McKenney Jr. is a member of the Class of 1939.

William Vernon Middleton, c.1950

William Vernon Middleton is a member of the Class of 1928.

Roy William Mohler, 1944

Trustee Roy William Mohler is a member of the Class of 1917.

James Henry Morgan, 1938

James Henry Morgan (class of 1878), former President and member of the Board of Trustees, in academic regalia at an event in 1938.

Weston C. Overholt Jr., c.1970

Trustee Weston Cummings Overholt Jr. is a member of the Class of 1950.

Phi Kappa Sigma reunion, c.1895

Several early Phi Kappa Sigma members pose for a photo on the steps of West College during a reunion around 1895.

Horatio Collins King ('58) is sitting on the front step. Other alumni include Professor Charles Francis Himes ('55), John Tucker ('55), and James Watters ('56).

Presentation of the Mace, 1951

The presentation of the college mace during a special convocation on October 13, 1951.

Left to right: Frank E. Masland, Jr. ('18), Herbert Wing, Jr., Ernest A. Vuilleumier, and President William W. Edel ('15).

President Corson and Honorary Degree recipients at Commencement, 1934

President Fred Pierce Corson '17 (far left) stands with honorary degree recipients and faculty in front of the Alumni Gym during Commencement on June 11, 1934. Former President James Henry Morgan, a member of the Board of Trustees and the Class of 1878, stands on the far right.

President Rubendall and Winfield Cook, c.1965

President Rubendall and trustee Winfield Cook at an event around 1965.

Robert Fleming Rich, c.1935

Robert Fleming Rich (Class of 1907) is a member of the Board of Trustees. 

Two trustees, Robert Elmer Woodside ('26) and William Vernon Middleton ('28), at the inauguration of President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) in 1961.

President Howard Rubendall, 1961

President Howard Rubendall (far right) and his wife speak to former President Gilbert Malcolm (far left) and trustee Boyd Lee Spahr at an event in 1961.


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