Class of 1910 Fiftieth Reunion, 1960

Class of 1910 Fiftieth Reunion, 1960

Alumni from the Class of 1910 prepare for a banquet held at the Molly Pitcher Hotel during Alumni Weekend on June 3, 1960.

Front row L to R:  Mrs. Rawlins, Mrs. Pelgrift, Magdalene B. Leinbach-Leininger, Mary A. Robley-Vanneman, Harriet E. Sanderson-Poffenberger, A. Grace Filler, Marjorie L. McIntire.

Seated behind table:  Mrs. George H. Wardrop, Lydia M. Gooding, Rosannah G. Blair, Henry Logan, Jeannette Stevens, Louis A. Tuvin.

Back row:  T. E. Jones Class of 1908 visitor, Joseph S. Vanneman, Karl E. Richards, Albert M. Bean, Albert G. Judd, George B. Stevenson, Walter V. Edwards, DeLancey S. Pelgrift, Charles H. Rawlins, Jr., Ralph H. Behney, E. Roger Samuel, Charles H. Kelbaugh, William McIndoe, Clarence M. Shepherd.

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