LGBT Oral History 015: George Centini and Gary Hufford

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January 30, 2017

Gary Hufford (born 1952) and George Centini (born March 11, 1937) are a married couple living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In this interview, George and Gary recount their time in the gay bar and restaurant business. Both grew up in the restaurant business and became business partners together. As successful restauranteurs, they provide insight in the running of their business, the Tally-Ho and the Loft, as well as other local gay bars. They also speak about employing family and friends as workers and employing both gay and straight workers. They also speak about how both of their families were supportive of their relationship and are both part of the other’s family. They liken Lancaster to a “bubble” where many outside problems did not affect them strongly. Even so, they speak about the impact of the AIDS crisis on the young people who often visited their bars and the loss of many in the gay community in Lancaster. Additionally, they talk about their annual trips to Key West in order to live the “gay lifestyle.” Finally, they speak about their choice to finally marry after many years together.

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Gift of George Centini and Gary Hufford
LGBT Oral History - Centini, George and Hufford, Gary - 015
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